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Entry only at the back of the bus: Tickets no longer sold in public buses

Entry only at the back of the bus : Tickets no longer sold in public buses

For the time being, passengers on Bonn public buses will not be allowed to get on through the front door. It is a precaution being taken due to the corona crisis. Tickets will also no longer be sold on the buses.

Beginning Monday, March 16, the public bus company Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) is asking passengers to refrain from boarding through the front doors of public buses. “Starting Monday and until further notice, SWB Bus und Bahn will not allow passengers to board at the front of public buses due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic," the company explained in a statement. According to the notification, passengers will only be able to board and disembark through the rear doors of the bus. The measure is expected to reduce the risk of infection for both drivers and passengers.

But a consequence of this is that tickets are no longer being sold in the buses for now. Passengers must board the bus with a valid ticket. The bus company recommends passengers purchase their tickets in advance, for example as a mobile phone ticket. Regular vending machines and sales points also remain available for ticket purchases.

The company also points out that passengers on buses and trains should comply with the recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute on hygiene.

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