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Panoramic view and student discount: Upper floor of Rheinpavillon reopens following renovations

Panoramic view and student discount : Upper floor of Rheinpavillon reopens following renovations

During the day it is a café and it turns into a cocktail lounge in the evening. The newly renovated upper floor of the Rheinpavillon is open for business. University students get a discount for food and beverages.

"Come and see for yourself," proclaims the new proprietor in front of the Rhine pavilion. But he is not advertising for a circus, even if it sounds a bit like it, but instead for the reopening of the upper floor of this gem in blue swimming pool tile design on the banks of the Rhine. The restaurant next to the ferry terminal was closed for a few months and now has new proprietors who have come up with a different concept than what was there before.

The lower area, which was opened in 1947, has been operated as a beer garden since summer (the GA reported) and will probably be extended next year to include a beach bar with deck chairs, directly at the water but without sand. On the ceiling above, the red was brightly painted over with a lighter color, there are hanging baskets of flowers, and the dark floor has given way to a lighter floor covering. A faux leather sofa complements tables and chairs, and you can now sit directly by the window on benches situated above the radiators.

What has remained are the circular loudspeakers on the ceiling and the counter area. The renovation of the upper part of the building, which was added in 1953, had to be carried out with great care, as it is under a historical preservation order. The same applies to the renovation of the ground floor, which, according to the new operator Saeed Bahadori, is scheduled for next year and is urgently needed: Some of the tiles have already come loose, others are alarmingly wobbly. For the renovation, the proprietor is working closely with the city of Bonn.

Guests from a wedding party had the opportunity to celebrate upstairs and they were impressed, reports Bahadori. One felt "like on a dream ship". Of course, the breathtaking scenery, especially now in autumn when the sun is shining, contributes to this impression: One has a great panoramic view of the Rhine and the promenades and up to the Drachenfels.

While the lower area remains a beer garden, the upper area is a café during the day and a cocktail lounge bar in the evening. In addition to Flammkuchen, various soups, vegetarian and vegan dishes are offered. Apart from that, there are plans to bring more arts events to the Rheinpavillon, from cabaret to readings to smaller concerts. Bahadori and his team also want to organize thematically appropriate events in the run-up to the Beethoven festival year. Next year, public viewing for the European Football Championship is planned.

His team is young. "It's mostly students who work here," says Bahadori, who is known also as the proprietor of the Poppelsdorf restaurant Extra Dry. And he also regards students as one of his most important target groups, because of the proximity to the university - and to the state library. In return, the Rheinpavillon offers a student discount for food and drinks during the day. There is also free WLAN.

(Orig. text: Stefan Knopp, Translation: ck)