Filming in Bonn Vampires in the old cemetery

Bonn · Filming took place at the Old Cemetery on Monday and Friday. An actor who has already been to Bonn in the past for filming the ZDFneo vampire series "Love Sucks" was also on location.

 The old cemetery in Bonn. A series was filmed there. Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

The old cemetery in Bonn. A series was filmed there. Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Anyone walking past the Old Cemetery in Bonn on Monday night might have been startled for a moment: Vampires everywhere. But there was a reason for that - filming was once again taking place in the cemetery. The production company Network Movie Film- und Fernsehproduktion GmbH filmed scenes for the new ZDFneo series "Love Sucks" here, as confirmed by the city of Bonn.

The film crew was on location all night, as producer Hannes Höhn confirms, "for between ten and twelve hours". During this time, a balloon light floated above the cemetery, a helium-filled balloon that bathed the location in a diffuse moonlight. The Old Cemetery was chosen because it is a very "historic, beautiful place" that has a very special atmosphere, "very impressive", said Höhn.

It suits the eight-part, sometimes creepy series, which centres on a love story between a vampire and a fairground boxer. A vampire series that could be described as "a bloody reinterpretation of Romeo and Juliet", says the producer. On Monday, the entire film team was at the old cemetery, partly to film a funeral there. Promo material for social media had already been filmed there last Friday with a smaller cast, says Höhn.

Love Sucks: filming days at the old cemetery in Bonn

The main actor in the series is Damian Hardung, who plays the vampire Ben. He is also known from the Netflix series "How to sell drugs online (fast)", which was also partly filmed in Bonn. Havana Joy Josephine Braun plays the boxer Zelda, another leading actor is Rick Okon, who is known as an investigator in Dortmund's Tatort. The series is scheduled to be shown on ZDFneo and in the ZDF media library in autumn or winter 2024. The film team had a total of eight days of filming in North Rhine-Westphalia, most of them in Cologne, Hürth and Wesseling. The majority of the series was filmed in Frankfurt. Filming should be completed by the end of the week.

Particularly strict rules apply to filming in cemeteries: Among other things, the gravesites may not be entered and the names on the graves may not be visible. The Old Cemetery is a regular location for filming, including for the Kabel 1 show "Germany's Biggest Secrets" and for an episode of the ARD programme "Kurzstrecke mit Pierre M. Krause“.

(Original text: Johanna Lübke; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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