Labour dispute Verdi announces warning strike at Bonn University Hospital

Düsseldorf/Bonn · In the labour dispute, the Verdi union has called for a warning strike at several university hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. The university hospital in Bonn will also be affected on Wednesday.

 The University Hospital Bonn is taking part in the warning strike.

The University Hospital Bonn is taking part in the warning strike.

Foto: Universitätsklinikum Bonn/Saba, Johann F. - UKB

After the inconclusive second round of a collective wages conflict in the public service of the Länder, the service union Verdi has called for a one-day warning strike at several university hospitals in North Rhine-Westphalia. This Tuesday, the employees of the hospitals in Essen, Düsseldorf and Cologne are to strike first, in some cases for the whole day. The hospitals in Bonn and Münster will follow the next day, Verdi announced on Monday. The union expects a total of around 1,500 participants at the five hospitals.

For the duration of the strike measures in the middle of the Corona pandemic, emergency service agreements have been made with the hospitals, it added. "The employers' refusal is rightly making the workers angry. Not presenting us with an offer, and at the same time wiping all our demands off the table with a mere 'no', shows a lack of appreciation," said Verdi national leader Gabriele Schmidt. "Also, and especially in the health sector, all sectors have been doing incredible things every day, not only since the beginning of the pandemic."

The unions are demanding a five percent pay increase for public sector workers in the Länder, but at least 150 Euro over a twelve-month period. Employees in the health sector are to receive 300 Euro more per month, according to Verdi, and training allowances are to be raised by 100 Euro. The second round of negotiations for the approximately 1.1 million employees and almost 50,000 trainees in the public service of the Länder (except Hesse) ended last week without a result.

At the beginning of the warning strikes on Tuesday, a demonstration on the collective bargaining in the public sector will take place in Bonn. According to the police, the organiser expects 100 participants to gather in the Weststadt from 11 am. Afterwards, the assembly procession will move through the city along the following route: Wesendonckstraße - Richard-Wagner-Straße - Malteserstraße - Endenicher Allee - Beethovenplatz - Bachstraße - Herwarthstraße - Am Hauptbahnhof - Poststraße - In der Sürst - Münsterplatz - Martinsplatz - Am Hof - Fürstenstraße - Remigiusplatz - Marktbrücke - Marktplatz.

The event will end at 1 pm on the Marktplatz. Temporary traffic disruptions may occur, police warn.

(Original text: dpa/ga; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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