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Beuel-Mirecourt twinning association: “We are taking care of our friends”

Beuel-Mirecourt twinning association : “We are taking care of our friends”

The friendship between Beu­el and Mi­re­court in France has suffered during the corona pandemic. The twinning group has been sending the comic character Lu­cky Lu­ke on his travels.

In the past year, the twinning committee in Beuel has gone to great lengths to keep in touch with its partner town Mirecourt in France. "It has not been easy to maintain our friendship because the corona pandemic has made all kinds of visits impossible, but we are taking care of our friends," explained Regina Haunhorst, chairwoman of the twinning committee. On the French side, Bernard Schmitt, chairman of the Mirecourt twinning association, and Lucie Claude, washer princess from the 1993/94 carnival season, were very keen to provide their friends in Beuel with information from town in the Vosges.

The year 2020 has been shaped by small projects rather than big events. For example, before Christmas, three French editions of the Lucky Luke comic travelled from Mirecourt to Beuel and back again to be available to visitors at the respective municipal libraries.

"First of all, we saw that the current Lucky Luke comic, entitled ‘Torches in the Cotton Field’, addresses the issue of racism, which unfortunately affects both sides," explains Regina Haunhorst. According to Bernard Schmitt, this comic series is very popular in France. In addition to the current comic, the previous issues are also making the journey, and one of these is set in Paris. The German editions are paid for by the Beuel committee and are available for readers in Mirecourt at the ‘German corner’ of the local library. Beuel's new district mayor, Lara Mohn, has written a personal dedication in all the volumes, as has her colleague Yves Séjourné in Mirecourt for the French-language editions. These editions are financed by the committee there and can be purchased in the library in Bonn. "It's a nice idea because everyone gives something and gets something back at the same time," Lara Mohn said of the initiative, “it's the principle upon which this Franco-German friendship is based and which the two committees fill with life”.

The board of the Beuel committee has already held a virtual meeting with the district mayor. Lara Mohn is a member of the board of the twinning committee by virtue of her office. She visited the twin town of Mirecourt for the first time as a 15-year-old with the Scout movement from Beuel. Mohn underlined the importance of town twinning in the framework of Europe and sees such partnerships as a cornerstone in building European peace. The district mayor promised to support the work of the twinning committee and is very pleased that, even during the pandemic, there are many opportunities to revitalise the partnership and to encourage members of the committee to get involved.

The board has decided to donate a face covering with the emblem of the twinning committee to all its members in Beuel. In the letter accompanying the masks, the members were asked to show their friends in Mirecourt in as many ways as possible that they are in their thoughts and that they miss them. “This has apparently happened so intensively that Lucie in Mirecourt has asked her French friends to send greetings to Beuel. More and more greetings from Mirecourt are arriving here, many with a star in the envelope. All the greetings from the friends in both cities share the wish “that the virus will finally disappear” and that they can see each other again soon”, Haunhorst emphasised in an interview with the GA.

The website of the Beu­el-Mi­re­court twinning association ([http://www.beu%1fel-mirecourt.eu]www.beu­el-mirecourt.eu) contains many recipes for cakes, biscuits and roasts, presented by the members from Beu­el and Mi­re­court.

(Original text: Hol­ger Will­cke, Translation: Caroline Kusch)