Welcome to Bonn : Parking

Parking spaces here aren’t quite as difficult to come by as in New York but they have become quite expensive. And those who disobey the rules have to pay: a so-called “Knöllchen” (ticket).


Parking is prohibited

  • at narrow and blind road points
  • in sharp bends
  • on acceleration or deceleration strip at level crossings
  • in the area of pedestrian crossings and level crossings
  • before and in officially marked fire brigade access
  • within 5 metres of a cross roads or T-junction (intersection)
  • on zigzag lines
  • if less than 3 metres between your car and the middle of the street or nearest lane line
  • in bus stop areas

Men will be fined if they park in 'Women Only' spots. “Behindertenparkplätze” are for the Handicapped only.

There are two types of charged / pay parking:

  • Parking Ticket: As you pull into the lot or garage, you will need to take a parking ticket. When you are about to leave, you will pay by finding a "Kasse" (automatic cashier) machine. Insert your ticket, and pay the amount shown. Be sure to take your validated ticket, you will need it to exit the lot. Your paid ticket will be valid for about 10 to 15 minutes from the time you pay.
  • Parkschein: You will see signs posted that the parking requires a “Parkschein”. Park your car, and then find the Parkschein machine. Insert money and watch the display. The time noted is the time that you must leave the lot by. When you are satisfied with the time, push the green button and the Parkschein will be printed. It has two parts. Save the "Quittung" portion as a receipt, and place the other portion on your car's dash board.

Free Parking: The lot or street space may be free of charge, such as in residential areas or in private establishments. Sometimes there will be a sign stating that only those who live/work there, and have a special pass displayed, may park (nur für Anwohner).

Some lots are free, but with a limit on the length of time you can park (1 or 2 hours "Stunden"). There will be a sign showing a blue "time clock". You can pick up one of these "docks" at a gas station and leave it in your car. Simply turn the dial to show the time you arrived ("Ankunftzeit"), display it on your dashboard and be back before your time is up.

Parking in Bonn

Bonn City has the following Parking: Bahnhofgarage, Beethoven, Friedensplatz, Markt, Münsterplatz und Stadthaus

On this website, you can see how many parking spaces are available before you leave home.