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Welcome to Bonn: Post-Telecom

Welcome to Bonn : Post-Telecom

Bonn is home to two major corporations: Deutsche Post and Telekom. Here is what you need to know about the mail and telephone service.


The two main Deutsche Post offices are located in the centre of Bad Godesberg on Koblenzer Straße and in the centre of Bonn on the Münsterplatz, but you will find small post offices scattered around town and in most neighbouring villages. However, they usually have more restricted hours.

While waiting, be sure to stay behind the yellow line until it is your turn to step to the counter. The Deutsche Post has an excellent website accessible in German and English.

Postage Prices

Stamps are called “Briefmarken”. Current postage rates can be found on the website.

To mail a package, the cost is based on the size of the package and the weight. Beware - rates are significantly higher for “non-standard” size letters or cards. Airmail is of course more expensive than regular mail. Be sure to ask about the various rates and timing when shipping a package.

DHL packages can be sent from the Post Office.

You can buy all stationary at the post office including padded envelopes and special fold over boxes of all sizes for more fragile things.

If you are going on holiday for a significant length of time and want to stop your home postal deliveries, you can arrange this with the Post Office for a fee. On your return a package of accumulated post will be sent to you.

Receiving Packages: Keep in mind that you will have to pay duty “Zoll” on any package you receive that is valued at 45 € or more.


Directory enquiries:

  • Local: 11833
  • International: 11834
  • Enquiries in English: 11837
  • Telekom Fault Service: 0800 33 01000 (free)

Dialling codes for neighbouring towns, countries and a few others:

  • Germany: +49 -> code without 0!
  • Bonn: 0228
  • Cologne: 0221
  • Königswinter: 02223
  • Bad Honnef: 02224
  • Sankt Augustin: 02241
  • Meckenheim: 02225
  • Rheinbach: 02226

There are several companies providing very cheap calls - for many you only need to dial a prefix for access to the cheap rates. These will usually be charged through your normal phone bills, although some companies may bill you separately. Some providers may require pre-registration.

Check the website for detailed information on the cheapest providers to the countries that you are calling most frequently.