Welcome to Bonn Transport

Bonn runs a very well-developed public transportation system that includes an easily accessible airport as well as two stations for ICE fast trains. They are are located at the main railway station (Bonn Hauptbahnhof) and at Siegburg-Bonn railway station.

Welcome to Bonn: Transport
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By bus to the airport: From Bonn, take the SB 60, Cologne Bonn Airport – Main Station Bonn – Cologne Bonn Airport. For more information, check the Timetable information Bonn.

The Airport Express SB 60 takes you from Bonn Central Station directly to the departure terminal at Cologne/Bonn Airport and back. The Airport Express SB 60 operates every 30 minutes on weekdays between Bonn and the airport and every 30 or 60 minutes on Saturdays and Sundays. The 25 km bus journey to the airport takes 27 minutes (the return trip to Bonn takes 32 minutes). Some airlines offer a combined ticket that includes the bus ticket. The Airport Express provides 42 seats and is equipped with baggage storage areas. The ticket can be purchased from the bus driver. You can use the ticket in Bonn to travel to your hotel or apartment.

There is only one bus stop at the airport for the bus to Bonn. The bus stop is located at Terminal 1. When travelling to the airport, the bus stops at Terminal 1. It costs about € 8. For a taxi you have to pay about 50 €.

Flughafen Köln/Bonn (Airport Cologne/Bonn)
Flughafen Köln/Bonn GmbH
Postfach 98 01 20
51129 Köln
Telefon: +49 (0)2203-40 40 01/02
Fax: +49 (0)2203-40 40 44
E-Mail: information@koeln-bonn-airport.de

Frankfurt Airport

Driving here takes about 1 1/2 hours, south along the A3. The quickest way to get here is the fast ICE train from Siegburg. Siegburg is about a 20 minute drive from Bonn and the train ride to Frankfurt takes 38 minutes. At the Siegburg train station, there is convenient parking. If you have a navigation system, enter Siegburg for the city and Konrad Adenauer Allee into your system. The ICE-ride costs about € 70.

Flughafen Frankfurt/Main AG (Frankfurt Airport)
60547 Frankfurt am Main
018 06-37 24 636

Düsseldorf Airport

Easy to reach by train in about 1,5 hours or by car on the A3 in roughly the same time. Remember to allow plenty of time to check in.

Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH (Düsseldorf Airport)
Flughafenstraße 105
40474 Düsseldorf
Tel. +49 (0) 211-42 10
Fax +49 (0) 211-42 16 666
E-Mail: customerservice@dus.com

Train Travel

Train travel around Germany is generally reliable. Railway information: 0180/6996633 for prices and departure times, also for complaints or compliments. (20 cents/call from a landline, 60 cents/call from mobile).

If you need assistance in online booking, the 24-hour number to call is: Tel. 0180/6101111 (20 cents/call from a landline, c60 cents/call from mobile).

At the station: Departures (Abfahrt) are posted on yellow timetables, arrivals (Ankunft) on white ones. Passenger trains are listed in chronological order. The timetables indicate the train number (Zug Nr), route (Nach) via (über), platform (Bahnsteig) and/or track number (Gleis Nr).

There are a variety of ways to save money on train fares including:

  • BahnCard (Bahnkarte): Bahncards entitles you to reduced fares. There are also special offers for families and groups.
  • Whether with dad, mom, grandpa or grandma - in their accompaniment children under 15 years ride! Children under 6 always travel free of charge and without a ticket.

There is also a variety of trains from the super fast ICE through the local expresses, to the rapid transit suburban trains, the S-Bahn. There are supplements (Zuschlag) to pay on the faster trains. Always make sure!

Buses, trams and underground

Bonn has an excellent public transport system. For bus and railway info in English, check this link. For service in English call 0228-7114625.

Bus and tram stops (Haltestelle) are marked by a green “H” sign on yellow ground. Underground (U- Bahn) stops are marked by a white “U” on blue ground.

You can buy tickets from vending machines at tram, underground and bus stops, from newsagents and ticket offices - there are about 150 in and around Bonn. You can also buy tickets from the bus driver or from machines inside trams and underground trains. Please note it is more expensive to purchase tickets from the conductors.

Tip: Handy-App – You can also download the “Handy Ticket” app and purchase your ticket on your mobile phone.


There are extensive bike paths. Maps are available from book shops. Bicycles can also be taken on the U-Bahn and on the buses. Bicycles are generally only allowed if the space situation permits.

In the Bonn area, there are about 30 bike-ride locations available, accommodating more than 2000 bikes. About 1000 bike parking spaces are covered and thus offer protection against rain and rust.

About rules: Be careful, if you are caught riding your bicycle intoxicated, your car driving license can be taken away. You are not allowed to use a portable phone while riding your bicycle. You can be fined for it. You are supposed to ride on the bicycle paths on the right side of the road. In case of an accident while riding on the left side, you will be held responsible.


Tel. 0228/55 55 55 is the number of the Bonn Taxi service. You can find them at taxi stands too. Fares are metered. More information: www.taxibonn.de

Traffic Violations

Some fines can be collected on the spot, otherwise, your name and address will be taken and a ticket along with a payment slip will be sent to you. Also, radar controls, both fixed and portable take photos of you while driving and a speeding ticket with your photo is sent to you per mail. Failure to pay traffic violations promptly can lead to larger fines, loss of license or imprisonment. If you accumulate 12 points from traffic violations, you lose your license.

Examples of some common violations:

For a complete list of fines and penalties and other important traffic information, please visit English language website of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

'Road rage' - fines: Germany has very strict laws on road conduct and the respect that drivers should give to each other and to the law. Name calling and rude gestures to other drivers and/or the police could result in a fine of up to 4000 Euros, jail and license removal. So be polite at all times!