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Police searching for clues: Windows on Bonn church, storefronts and numerous cars smashed to pieces

Police searching for clues : Windows on Bonn church, storefronts and numerous cars smashed to pieces

Late Monday night and early Tuesday morning, the windows of at least 28 cars and three storefront windows in Bonn were smashed to pieces in acts of vandalism. The huge window at the information desk at the Minster Basilica was also smashed. Police are investigating.

The first report was received by Bonn police on Monday evening at 10:50 pm: On Friedensplatz, a window pane of a restaurant had been smashed in by an unidentified person. The report proved to be correct and apparently marked the beginning of a series of numerous acts of vandalism committed late into the night in Bonn city, Beuel, Vilich, Schwarzrheindorf and Geislar. The 20 square meter window pane at the Minster Basilica information on Gangolfstraße was also smashed.

Authorities suspect that it was the same person who carried out all the crimes but police could not confirm this in their response to an inquiry. Investigators say they are currently examining the reported crime scenes, looking for possible clues and talking to local residents. The police said they would announce by Wednesday morning at the latest whether or not there were any further incidences. According to the current status of the investigation, the windows on at least 28 parked cars and three shop windows were smashed.

Around 11:20 pm, about half an hour after the first call, another caller reported a smashed side window on a car on Combahnstraße in Bonn-Beuel. On location, the police found that other vehicles had been damaged there as well as in the adjacent Kreuzstrasse. Further calls came in about damaged vehicles in Vilich, Schwarzrheindorf and Geislar. It was not until Tuesday morning that the smashed window at the Minster was reported.

In the course of the immediate search and initial investigations, police found indications of a cyclist in dark clothing who might be connected to the crime. Anyone who saw a person in the city of Bonn, Beuel, Vilich, Schwarzrheindorf or Geislar between 10:50 pm and 2:10 am who may have been traveling by bicycle or may be connected with these incidents is asked to call the Bonn police at 0228/15-0.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Melz; Translation: ck)