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Weather for start of Advent : Winter arrives in Bonn and the region

Weather for start of Advent : Winter arrives in Bonn and the region

Slowly but surely, winter is coming to Bonn and the region. Single-digit temperatures are expected in the coming days and in some areas, it could even snow.

According to the website "Wetteronline", some of the first snowflakes could be falling on the first weekend of Advent, even in low-lying areas. But for this to happen, certain conditions will have to prevail. "For this early winter snowfall to occur, the pathof the low-pressuresystem must be on track, there needs to be enough precipitation and the snowline must be low," said meteorologist and spokesman for Wetteronline, Björn Goldhausen in a written statement.

On Friday, temperatures between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius are expected, with some precipitation - in higher altitudes this will come in the form of snow. In the evening and overnight to Saturday, snow could also fall in low-lying areas. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), the highs will be between four and seven degrees Celsius. The DWD expects some strong wind gusts in the afternoon in some areas.

The first "real" snowfall is expected to come in the western low mountainranges. "On Saturdaymorning, some areas there will see 10 centimeters of  snow, bringing a Christmas mood," according to Wetteronline. Starting at the weekend, a low pressuresystem moving from west to east will bring even colder air and more precipitation.

Temperatures will only reach between 0 and 5 degrees Celsius and it will be quite unpleasant with rain and sleet. But there is a good chance of some snow over Advent, most likely near the Alps, the Black Forest and in the low mountainranges.

(Orig. text: ga, dpa; Translation: ck)