Fire under control Plastic granulate burnt in Troisdorf warehouse

Troisdorf · A cloud of smoke over Troisdorf-Sieglar could be seen clearly from far away on Monday afternoon. Plastic granulate caught fire in a warehouse at the Reifenhäuser machine factory. There is no longer any danger for residents.

A fire broke out in a warehouse of the Reifenhäuser company on Monday.

A fire broke out in a warehouse of the Reifenhäuser company on Monday.

Foto: Ralf Klodt

On Monday, a warehouse burned down at the Reifenhäuser machine factory in Troisdorf-Sieglar. According to fire brigade spokesman Peter Kern, plastic granulate caught fire there. The smoke development was correspondingly strong. The column of smoke over Sieglar was clearly visible in the afternoon not only from Troisdorf, but also from other parts of the Rhine-Sieg district on the right bank of the Rhine.

The fire brigade was called to the fire shortly before 3 p.m. and was deployed with a total of about 140 emergency personnel. Peter Kern reported that the firefighters were able to bring the fire under control relatively quickly. Later in the afternoon, only the extinguishing work was still in progress. After the fire was extinguished, the fire brigade remained on site on Monday evening for clean-up work. No one was injured by the fire.

It is still unclear how the fire started and is being investigated. According to Kern, the building was a warehouse used for storing plastic granulate, among other things. Reifenhäuser was not able to give any information on the extent of the damage to property on Monday.

Monday afternoon, the Federal Office of Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance warned of possible health hazards due to the heavy smoke. The city of Siegburg also pointed out that people in the entire urban area of Troisdorf and Siegburg as well as in the Sankt Augustin districts of Menden and Meindorf should keep their windows and doors closed.

However, the warning was lifted again at around 5 pm on Monday. According to the fire brigade, initial measurements did not reveal any pollutants of concern.

Original text: Leandra Kubiak

Translation: Mareike Graepel