Homicide unit set up Young man fatally injured in Cologne

Cologne · In Cologne, witnesses found a young man on Monday. He had been fatally injured. A homicide squad has taken up the investigation and is asking for information.

 Police are appealing for information on the altercation. (Symbolic image)

Police are appealing for information on the altercation. (Symbolic image)

Foto: Friso Gentsch/Symbol

In Cologne-Bickendorf, witnesses found a man bleeding heavily on Rochusplatz at around 5.15 am on Monday morning. This was reported by the Cologne police. The emergency services, who arrived at the scene soon afterwards, treated the young man but were unable to help him. He died on the spot. The identity of the young man could not be established beyond doubt at first. According to the police, the autopsy of the man's body will take place on Monday.

The police and the public prosecutor's office assume that the crime was homicide. A homicide squad has been set up and is investigating the case. According to initial findings, there is said to have been an altercation between the victim and an approximately 20-year-old man wearing a white top beforehand.

The Cologne police are asking for information and will accept it by telephone on 0221/2290 or by e-mail to poststelle.koeln@polizei.nrw.de.

(Original text: Tamara Wegbahn; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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