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Opens November 25: Nicholas Market in Bad Godesberg gets built up

Opens November 25 : Nicholas Market in Bad Godesberg gets built up

Workers are busy building up the Nicholas Market in Bad Godesberg for its opening on Monday, November 25. The first huts are already standing, there will be 50 in all this year. Lots of concerts, dance, magic and more will take place on stage.

If all goes well, the whole thing takes 30 minutes. "Four elements, a base plate, eight struts, tarpaulin on top," says Marcel Hardt. He and his team were setting up wooden huts at Fronhof on Monday for the Nicholas Market, which will open on Monday, November 25. The family business from Cologne leases a total of 16 stalls to Godesberg City Marketing, which organizes the market. Hardt's grandfather is the head of the family business. A total of 50 vendors will be present, some of them bringing their own stands.

While the workers are putting the stalls together, another company is hanging up the Christmas lights in the city center; this is sponsored by the Bonn municipal utilities and local retailers. "However, it is becoming increasingly difficult to motivate businesses to contribute," says Jürgen Bruder, Chairman of Bad Godesberg City Marketing.

Hardt and his team have transported the stalls from Cologne by truck. The wooden elements for a hut and the floor slab with the green iron frame weigh over a ton. But the company doesn’t merely provide the booths. "The boss built the castle fortress himself," says Patrick Willschinski, who is a member of the team. "The city's marketing team insisted on having it.”

The fortress still lacks the two towers

But it is not yet complete. The base is already at Theaterplatz, but the two two-meter high towers that are enthroned on top of the roof are still missing. When completed, mulled wine and Kölsch beer will be served here. On one wall hangs a wooden sign that says "Here reigns lord Theodor". "That's the boss," says Willschinski. The latter not only builds the huts, but also works behind the counter. "Then I'll be here from morning till night.”

The market is open Mondays to Saturdays from 11 am to 7:30 pm, Sundays from 12 to 7 pm. On weekends, concerts, readings and much more take place on the Fronhof stage. Here is an excerpt from the program published by City Marketing: On Saturday, November 30, Mark Bennett (1 p.m.) will play songs with a Christmas flair. Afterwards there will be a fairytale hour (3 pm). In the evening at 8:30 p.m. there will be a Christmas musical evening. On Sunday, December 1, children are invited to sing along to Christmas songs at "Jojos" (12:45 pm). Later, the Jazz Pack will be on stage (5 p.m.) with Christmas jazz and soul music.

On Friday, December 6, St. Nicholas comes to visit the Fronhofer Galeria (11 am). Until 6 pm, children can climb the throne to visit him, tell him their wishes and take a souvenir photo. Afterwards there are sweets. On Saturday, December 7th, the Alphornissen will perform. In the afternoon the dance school Koltermann presents a show featuring dance from ballet to hip-hop (4 pm). Sunday, December 8 starts with a Christmas puppet show (12:30 pm), in the evening Klaus Krumsdorf plays covers using the Kölsche dialect (6 pm).

On Friday, December 13, visitors can sing songs with the children of the Rigal'sche Wiese day-care center (12 noon). Saturday, December 14th, the clown Ugolino performs (1 pm). In the evening, Cartel will provide some atmosphere with their mix of jazz, rock, funk, latin and fusion (6 pm). On Sunday, December 15, the pianist Antonio Macan (1 p.m.) opens the market on a white grand piano. He will be followed by Peter Weisheit and the Dixie Tramps, who will play acoustic Christmas songs (4 pm). On Saturday, December 21, Caffier with Christmas and folk songs will continue the musical program (3:45 pm). On Sunday, December 22, the Pia Nino band will give a winter concert to keep everyone warm (12:30 pm). The last group on stage will be Swing OK (5:30 pm).

December 23 will be the last day. The last day is always the hardest, says Willschinski. Winding down until all the drinks are gone. Already that evening, he and the others dismantle the stalls again and bring them back to Cologne.

Orig. text: Dennis Scherer

Translation: ck