Positive development in inner city Many new openings and few vacancies in Bad Godesberg city

BAD GODESBERG.  · A number of new businesses have opened in Bad Godesberg city center and there are only few vacancies to report. Included are quite a few new culinary offers.

For many, the last weekend of summer holidays is approaching, with forecasts promising sunny weather. So this is a good opportunity to take advantage of what Bad Godesberg's city center has to offer. There is positive news to report: The cityscape between Rheinallee and Fronhofer Galeria is marked by only a few empty shops, and many new openings.

On August 10, Metin Kocatepe opened the Bonnerie in the former Café Schöner, located at Am Fronhof 7. Breakfast is served throughout the day, as well as bistro cuisine and - as in old times - cakes supplied by the former owner Rudi Schöner. The concept seems to work, the demand is great. "I wouldn't have expected so much traffic," says Kocatepe, who now wants to expand his team. That's probably one of the reasons why you have to plan for a little waiting time every now and then.

Recently, the name of the new bistro in the Alte Bahnhofstraße has also become visible from the outside. NeuN is now emblazoned in large letters on the façade. "Restaurant - Vinothek - Bar", as the team describes it. International cuisine is on offer into the evening. There is also the Cortado, located at Am Michaelshof 8-10, near the Kurpark. As the name suggests, Spanish is spoken there. The menu features daily specials.

Besides cafés and restaurants, Bad Godesbergers will notice other changes. Lederwaren Schugt at Theaterplatz has rebuilt - and opened a second shop diagonally opposite at number 10. It sells mainly suitcases, but also other items related to travel. And renovations are currently underway at Trend Man, Am Fronhof 10, and at Intersport Christel on Alte Bahnhofstraße - but both shops will remain open during the work.

The City Marketing Association is very pleased with the positive development, says chairman Jürgen Bruder. "We will welcome and support the retailers," says Bruder. Because: "City Marketing is very happy that there are people who don't let themselves be influenced by negative talk and establish businesses here". This contributes to the revitalization of the inner city and helps ensure that the vacancy rate remains low. Bruder hopes that at some point there will be no more empty shops in the city center. "That's what we're working on," says the City Marketing chairman.

But what is still missing? The answer is toys and electronic products. "We could imagine a big driving force here," says Bruder. However, he admits there is not enough space for it. "If someone claims that you can't get anything anymore in Bad Godesberg, that's definitely not true," Bruder is convinced. "You get almost everything here.”

The city's economic development department also rates the inner city positively. In its retail sector mix, it "fits with what one would expect in a city with almost 70,000 inhabitants," was the response to a GA inquiry. The basic shopping needs are filled with several supermarkets - including organic products, drugstores, bakeries and a fish shop. In addition, there are "numerous clothing and shoe shops, a wine shop, opticians and hearing aid stores and much more", according to the economic development agency.

Another special feature that Bad Godesberg has to offer are the two bookstores, which are still present in the cityscape. In other areas, bookstores are long gone. The location is generally appealing to visitors because browsing is comfortable here, and the city says that the newly opened gastronomic offers will also contribute to consumer contentedness.

"The number of shop vacancies is comparatively low at around ten at present," says the economic development agency. Especially since rental contracts have already been concluded for most of the shops, "they will soon open or be re-opened after necessary renovation and conversion work.”

(Orig. text: Ayla Jacob, Translation: ck)

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