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“Bonn shines” starts Friday: Bonn city center will be bathed in colorful lights

“Bonn shines” starts Friday : Bonn city center will be bathed in colorful lights

This weekend, visitors will be able to see Bonn city center in a different kind of light. With “Bonn shines” starting this Friday, 19 buildings and public squares will be illuminated. Music and culinary specialties will also attract visitors.

From Friday evening, the sights of the city will once again be blanketed in artistic light: The "Bonn leuchtet" (“Bonn shines”) initiative from City-Marketing Bonn will illuminate building facades and squares in the city center through Sunday. Preparations have been underway since Tuesday afternoon. As in previous years, Wolfgang Flammersfeld is the lighting artist responsible for the design.

A total of 19 different buildings and public squares will be bathed in colored lights, including the Old Town Hall, the Sterntor and the Bonn Opera, as well as the glass windows of the Viktoriabad swimming pool. The main building of the University of Bonn will also be included again this year.

Maike Reinhardt, managing director of City-Marketing, says it will be worthwhile to cast a glance upwards at higher windows and rooftops. One example she names is the bronze statue “Der Götterbote Hermes” which towers over Remigiusplatz on the roof a building.

Münsterplatz will once again be transformed into the Euromarché. The market will feature specialties from all over Europe and will be open until 9pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. The Street Food market will be expanded this year, with stands and food trucks at Münsterplatz, Marktplatz and Friedensplatz. Visitors can choose from burgers, Swabian spaetzle, Indian specialties and more. Wine, eggnog and Belgian beer will also be offered. On Saturday, a Bonn brass band will take to the streets between 5:30 and 8:30pm.

On Sunday, the stores will be open in the city center for shopping from 1pm until 6pm. Light installations will be on display beginning at 5pm each evening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The initiative is financed by City-Marketing Bonn and other sponsors. "My vision would be that it spreads all over Bonn," says Reinhardt. Good examples of this can already be found in Berlin and also in some Dutch cities. With "Bonn shines", the winter lighting for the inner-city streets will also be put into operation.

For more information and a map of the lighting installations, please visit: www.bonn-leuchtet.de

(Orig. text: Sabrina Bauer / Translation: ck)