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Banner at Beethoven monument removed: Protester from Bonn feels mistreated by police

Banner at Beethoven monument removed : Protester from Bonn feels mistreated by police

As Bonn-based Veronika Fulde demonstrated at the Beethoven Monument, a policeman removed her banner. The reason is a special rule, but it has nothing to do with Corona.

Veronika Fulde from Bonn is angry with the police. On May 9 she had demonstrated against war with a banner on the Münsterplatz. But then a policeman appeared who is said to have pulled down her banner "quickly and decisively". "I was not prepared for such a barbaric and violent act", the artist wrote to the GA and added: "I was also stunned by his verbal accompaniment. She had obtained a presentable permission from the responsible authorities. Nevertheless, the policeman had requested another car with a colleague.

The woman had received a permit for the action from the city. "I can confirm that the artist had a special permit from the city of Bonn for 9 May to operate an information stand," press spokeswoman Isabel Klotz told the General-Anzeiger upon request.

Meanwhile, police press spokesman Frank Piontek explains that the policeman is an employee of the city centre guard Gabi, who was questioned about the incident. And in the officer's description, the story sounds somewhat different. For example, the police officer on his patrol noticed the banner directly in front of the Beethoven Monument and asked the passers-by sitting at the monument about the owner. When no one felt responsible, he released the banner from its fastening. Reason for his intervention: According to the police, there is a rule that allows such banners to be placed only ten yards from the monument.

The author had drunk a coffee nearby and returned. The colleague had pointed out the minimum distance and had later been supported by the Bonn public order office in complying with it.

According to the police press office, the provision does not constitute a "circle of influence" in the sense of the Assembly Act. However, when authorising meetings, rallies or demonstrations on the Münsterplatz, there is a requirement for the applicant that a distance of ten meters from the Beethoven monument must be maintained. Reason: The monument should remain accessible and visible to everyone. Therefore, it is not permitted to hang banners or banners on the monument. The same applies, by the way, to the Old Town Hall on the market square.

According to the local police officer, the woman had been able to show a registration on her mobile phone and part of the permit, but no permit for the action. He did not approach the artist verbally. "He does not know what insults she had perceived," Piontek told the GA.

Meanwhile, Veronika Fulde remains with her version. "It's not true at all," she says and calls the policeman's argumentation "hair-raising", "soulless" and "proper". She confirms that she was actually standing on the edge of the square. She also wanted to see how people react. "That's why I didn't want to stand next to the banner. The text should speak for itself."

(Original text: Thomas Leurs, Translation: Mareike Graepel)