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Discounters and drugstores: Self-tests still scarce in Bonn

Discounters and drugstores : Self-tests still scarce in Bonn

The supply of Corona self-tests in supermarkets and discounters in Bonn is still difficult almost four weeks after their approval, which is mainly due to the low contingents of test kits.

A random check by our editors at Rewe revealed that the self-tests were already sold out on Monday morning, and a further delivery was not expected until next week. According to Rewe press spokesman Andreas Krämer, the chain itself only received the first self-tests this week and is offering them to its customers. Further deliveries would follow successively, Krämer said, without answering the question about quantities. The discount subsidiary Penny is to receive first deliveries only at the end of next week. At Edeka it is said that the group, which also owns the discounter Netto, plans to sell Corona self-tests as soon as they are available. It did not give a date.

Similar experiences at dm drugstores. Or at Aldi, where there are daily deliveries, but - limited to five tests per customer - they are sold out soon after the shop opens. Aldi Süd promises to increase the supply next week and then offer two more brands. The discounter Lidl refers to its online portal, where it again says: "Available again soon." Dm managing director marketing Sebastian Bayer, said when asked "Since Friday, 19 March, our dm stores have been receiving a delivery of self-tests for stationary sale. In our online shop dm.de we have also been selling self-tests repeatedly over the last few days. However, due to the high demand from our customers, our stocks are quickly sold out. We are working on expanding our range further. For the coming weeks, we expect further deliveries, so availability should then improve." A random check revealed that self-tests are also unavailable at dm-online. This is also the case at Rossmann. Tracy Wiafe from the drugstore chain Rossmann explains on request: "A large number of our sales outlets are supplied with the Corona self-tests. However, due to the high demand, we cannot rule out that the tests will sell out quickly in individual outlets."

At least on paper, supermarkets and discounters offer self-tests for under five euros a piece. The tests are a little more expensive at the pharmacy, but there you are luckier: Of five randomly selected pharmacies in Bonn, two had self-tests in stock.

Original text: Thomas Kliemann - Translation: Mareike Graepel