Police on the lookout for speeders Speed traps from 11 to 17 March

Bonn and region · Here are your speed traps for the week. Police will fine all those speeding in these areas.

Monday, March 11

  • in Bonn on Pützchen Chaussee
  • in Kessenich on Karl-Barth-Straße
  • in Ludendorf on Rathausstraße
  • in Oberbachem on Dreikönigenstraße
  • in Bornheim on the L183/Königsstraße, Wallrafstraße, and on the L 300/Kölner Landstraße
  • in Hennef Wingenshof, on the B8 in Käsberg, on the L 316 in Weingartsgasse
  • in Swisttal on the B56 in Buschhoven, in Heimerzheim on Vorgebirgsstraße and in Odendorf on the L11

Tuesday, March 12

  • in Bonn on Hermann-Wandersleb-Ring and Rathenauufer
  • in Rottbitze on the L247
  • in Ippendorf on Spreestraße
  • in Sankt Augustin on the L 16/Bahnhofstraße, on the L 143/Siegstraße and the K8/Konrad-Adenauer-Straße
  • in Siegburg on Wilhelm-Ostwald-Straße, on Braschosser Straße, on Seidenbergstraße

Wednesday, March 13

  • in Bad Godesberg on Zanderstraße
  • in Lengsdorf on Ippendorfer Weg
  • in Bad Honnef on Rhöndorfer Straße
  • in Sechtem on the L190
  • in Alfter on the L183/Bonn-Brühler-Straße and on the L 113 on Hauptstraße

Thursday, March 14

  • in Bonn on Oscar-Romero-Allee
  • in Bad Honnef on Lohfelder Straße
  • in Uedorf on the L300
  • in Miel on Heidgesweg
  • in Königswinter "Am Tor" and on Rauschendorfer Straße
  • in Meckenheim on the L 163/Gelsdorfer Straße and on the L 471/Ahrstraße

Friday, March 15

  • in Bonn on Reuterstraße and Berliner Freiheit
  • in Mehlem on Mainzer Straße
  • in Berkum on the L123
  • in Bornheim on Burgstraße, Händelstraße and on the L183/Walberberger Straße
  • in Niederkassel on Kirchstraße, on Langgasse and on the L 82/Porzer Straße
  • in Troisdorf on the L 332/Rheißstraße, Evrystraße and on the K29/Rathausstraße
  • in Wachtberg on the L 123/Adendorfer Straße, Krahnhofstraße and the L123/Konrad-Adenauer-Straße

Saturday, March 16

  • in Alfter on the B 56/Euskirchener Straße and the L183/Bonn-Brühler-Straße

Police will also set up speed traps in the following locations in the Rhine-Sieg region:

  • on the L312 in Windeck between Leuscheid and Herchen-Bahnhof
  • on the L312 in Much between Werschberg and Weeg
  • on the B507 in Lohmar between Geber and Pohlhausen
  • in Lohmar on Hauptsstraße
  • on the L288 in Lohmar, "Sülztalstraße"
  • in Troisdorf on Heerstraße
  • on the K40 in Hennef-Söven on Rotter Straße
  • on the L333 in Siegburg on Frankfurter Straße
  • in Troisdorf-Spich on Langbaurghstraße
  • on the L318 between Schwellenbach and Much-Növerhof

Police advise that additional controls may be set up throughout the entire city area and region during the week.

(Orig. Text: ga.de; translation kc)

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