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Bonn/Region · Endless offers of help in Siegburg, the Bad Godesberg tunnel being closed, the meteor shower visible in Bonn also on Sunday night, and a rather unusual type of wedding in Rheinbach - here is our Sunday news in brief.

After Siegburg fire: Endless offers of help

SIEGBURG. Seven houses were so extremely damaged in the Siegburg fire last week that they were left inhabitable, 20 people lost their homes. An especially organised help hotline was busy for hours, everyone wanted to help. 400 people called and offered to donate items. The city council also created a donation spot in a former school (Haufeld) and spread the word on social media about the possibility to drop off donations there. There is a special Facebook group called „Brandopfer Siegburg und Umgebung“ if you want to help.

Traffic in Bonn: Godesberg tunnel closed - what does that mean?

BAD GODESBERG. Faster than expected, the preparations for the restoration of the Bad Godesberg tunnel have already been finished on Friday night. In the next one-and-a-half years both sides of the tunnel have to be updated regarding fire protection. 30 new ventilation flaps will be installed, to provide a suction area for developing smoke in case of a fire and to buy people time to escape from the tunnel and make their way to safety. The contracted companies will work in a two-shift-roster. The estimated cost for the restoration is approximately 8.5 million Euro. There’s no prognosis yet on how the rush-hour traffic will be able to cope on Monday morning or when everyone returns to school after the holidays - when 40,000 cars are passing Bad Godesberg daily.

Starry, starry night: Here’s how you can spot the shooting starts on Sunday night

BONN/REGION. This weekend the annual prolific meteor shower called the Perseids will be visible again, also in Bonn. About a hundred shooting stars can be spotted per hour. From 10pm onwards you can see them looking up at the sky in a North-Easterly direction. Due to the new moon, there will be no moonlight disturbing the observation.

Unusual wedding: Lord Mayor Raetz marries couple under water in Rheinbach

RHEINBACH. Rheinbach’s Lord Mayor Stefan Raetz followed a not very common wish on Saturday afternoon. He married a couple in the public diving pool Monte Mare - under water. He put on a diving masl, flippers and an oxygen tank - because the happy couple, Viktor Reich and his wife Agnieszka, are passionate divers, and they wanted to tie the knot under water. And they did - in the 10-meter-deep pool in the Monte Mare.

(Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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