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Snow and ice likely: Wintery weather in Bonn and the region

Snow and ice likely : Wintery weather in Bonn and the region

It will remain wintry in Bonn and the region, but it will get slightly warmer. Due to the milder temperatures overnight, there was local snowfall and freezing rain in the mountains only. Here is the outlook.

In Bonn and the region, it will remain wintry over the next few days. The German Weather Service (DWD) predicted temperatures around freezing point last night, especially in mountainous regions. In these areas, the DWD also warns of slippery conditions due to snow or freezing rain. Temperatures were around 2 degrees Celsius in the lowlands during the night, and between 0 and minus 3 degrees in the mountains, depending on the location.

Danger of slippery conditions in the mountains

On Monday, it is expected to remain mostly dry, with short periods where the weather will brighten up, according to the weather service. As the day progresses, however, precipitation will increase again, with drizzle and snow possible at higher altitudes. Temperatures are expected to be slightly higher than on Sunday at 3 to 6 degrees Celsius, and in the mountains around freezing point.

Rain is expected to increase in the lowlands during Monday night. For higher elevations, this will mean snow again. The DWD warns of freezing rain and black ice, especially in the transitional areas to the mountains. The lows will be between 1 and 3 degrees Celsius in the lowlands and between 0 and minus 3 degrees in the mountains.

Ski areas in the region remain closed

In the Sauerland as well as in the Eifel, many skiing and tobogganing slopes, car parks and access roads remain closed. Over the weekend, police strengthened their presence around the Nürburgring to control visitors. There was a high volume of visitors at the Hohe Acht, where, unlike at many other ski areas, the car parks remain open. "We ask the guests to please come and visit us again when times are better," the police in Adenau had appealed on Friday.

(Original text: ga, Translation: Caroline Kusch)