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Prototype is located in Bad Godesberg: Anyone can help themselves from the GoBox

Prototype is located in Bad Godesberg : Anyone can help themselves from the GoBox

Bonn residents Sophie Schraml and Darius Roncoszek have developed a sustainable closet that is set to go into series production. Members of the public can help themselves to items inside the cabinet or help to fill it up where it stands in public places. The prototype is located in Bad Godesberg.

It's a little hidden, this new grab bag in Bad Godesberg. And without a tip from her friend, Amina Aguig would probably have only discovered the unusual piece of furniture at Friesdorfer Strasse 39 by chance. But once there, the Pennenfeld resident became enthusiastic: "I picked up a black blouse, a tunic and Nordic walking poles." Her friend Bouchra Madloon enjoys a home-field advantage with her apartment being just across the street. She often stops by to put things she no longer uses in the large gray closet or, as she just did, to grab a pair of pants for her daughter.

But who created the novelty which has been standing on the site of the former Michael School for almost three weeks now? In part, it was the association "Wir unter der Godesburg". But almost more crucial were Sophie Schraml and Darius Roncoszek. Four years ago, the Bonn couple developed a walk-in closet, the BonnBox, which is now located at the Old Adult Education Center on Wilhelmstrasse.

The couple has founded a nonprofit entrepreneurial company

"The approach of using it to connect people in one place who would otherwise not come into contact has remained, but the idea has evolved," says geographer Roncoszek, who is known in Bonn as an arts manager and DJ. The modern street furniture is to go into series production, which is why he and his girlfriend have founded a non-profit entrepreneurial company. Schraml quit her job as a lawyer so she could work on this project. She developed the design of the prototype together with her friend. The goal of her company Envision21: "We want to set up the so-called FreeBoxes in as many public places as possible.”

The cabinet, which is fireproof, weatherproof and highly stable, costs 10,000 euros. "But we'll only install the box if there's an association backing it, because if no one takes care of it, that opens the door to vandalism," says the 36-year-old. This is where "Wir unter der Godesburg" comes into play, which, as reported, has taken up the cause of revitalizing the grounds of the former school.

"Change is happening in the neighborhood, and we're burning for it," says Vice Chairman Ruwen Noltenhans. Specifications for what can be put in the cupboard: things that have had their day at home, but are still in good condition. "However, we ask that only packaged food be put in for the time being," says the 33-year-old. They are considering food sharing via a large refrigerator or shelves next to the cupboard.

Cabinet is on loan, so to speak

But even sustainable approaches do not work entirely without money. The cabinet is on loan, so to speak, but all but 2,500 euros from the community budget still has to be refinanced. "We have consequently launched a crowdfunding campaign," says 43-year-old Roncoszek. Fortunately for the Godesberg association. Future interested parties must first raise the money themselves and then commission their box from Envision21. The Saarbrücken-based agency K8 spent a year tweaking the technical design, with the fine-tuning coming from engineer Roger Pfeiffer, a friend of the couple. Schraml and Roncoszek will build the cabinets themselves, with a solar device in the roof for light and a grid for food as the floor.

They also want to act as intermediaries and advise charitable entities or community property owners of their socio-ecological project. "We can imagine music events at such places, workshops on upcycling and much more," says Roncoszek. Amina Aguig wants to come back to the GoBox even without a special event and place some of her glass collection inside.

More information on the crowdfunding campaign can be found at www.ecocrowd.de/projekte/gobox and on the association at www.wirunterdergodesburg.de

Orig. text: Sile Elbern

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