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Measures due to Corona virus: Bonn's old town probably still closed for visitors until Sunday

Measures due to Corona virus : Bonn's old town probably still closed for visitors until Sunday

Bonn's old town and its cherry blossom tourist attraction will probably remain closed to visitors until Sunday. This was announced by the city of Bonn. The council also published new corona infection figures.

In Bonn, 539 people have now tested positive for the corona virus. This was announced by the council on Wednesday. 133 of them have recovered, 402 are currently acutely ill. The number of Bonn citizens who died from the corona virus remains at four. Positive news from the old people's homes, however, is that the number of infected persons has not increased further.

The city also announced on Wednesday that the closures in the old town for visitors will probably remain in place until Sunday. Since last week, the city has been trying to ensure that the ban on contact is observed even during cherry blossom season. Since the cherry blossom is already coming to an end, a lower number of visitors is currently expected in the coming week.

"Since Easter Monday, the city's public order service has taken up a further 21 complaints for violations of the contact ban on 59 missions. In addition, 20 further fine notices were issued", the city said in its announcement.

Original text: Sebastian Fink

Translation: Mareike Graepel