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More than 90 private stalls: Bonn yard sales will be held on a regular basis citywide

More than 90 private stalls : Bonn yard sales will be held on a regular basis citywide

Many took advantage of the yard sale event in Bonn on Sunday to get into conversation with people from the neighborhood. Because of the great response, the neighborhood yard sales are to take place more often in the future. The next date is already scheduled.

Bargain hunting was the order of the day at Bonn's citywide yard sales on Sunday. There was plenty to discover at over 90 stalls scattered throughout the city. Balloons at the individual stands showed visitors the way from one station to the next. Longer distances could be covered by bicycle. The participants were allowed to set up their stalls only on their private property, and so garage driveways, front yards and courtyards were transformed into small flea market areas.

Many residents also took the opportunity to talk to their neighbors. On Ubierweg, Anke Seuster stopped by her neighbor's house just as she was setting up her booth in front of her house. "When I heard about the yard sale, I immediately thought, that's practical. Because we had had a lot of time during Covid to sort out clothes that we no longer needed," reports Heidi Fabricius.

Their own small works of art as well as records in good condition

About a kilometer away from her, Alexandra Braun and Karsten Hottler are still busy with the final setup of their booth. "You always collect a lot of things. We just went through the house again and looked at what we don't need anymore and what others might enjoy," says Braun, while her husband is still rounding up his own small works of art as well as well-preserved records and placing them on the sales table. "I already participated in flea markets when I still lived in the Old Town. There, some clothes had simply changed sides of the street. It's quite possible that we'll be giving away or swapping some things today, too," says Braun. For her, the yard sale is first and foremost the perfect opportunity to get into conversation with people in the neighborhood.

Many visitors also took the opportunity for a detour into one of the many backyards. Those who did so, for example, on Heerstrasse, not only discovered an idyllic place here, but were also able to stroll right along several private sales stalls. Andreas Pankratz was enjoying himself: "This is the first stand we've visited today, and we've already discovered something: the pizza cutter looks tempting," says Pankratz, who is out and about with daughter Wanja (2). "We think it's nice that the district is coming together in this way and we want to keep browsing a bit," says the family man.

The next citywide yard sale is planned for October 3.

They will certainly also pass by the stand of Adelheid Kohl, who acted very spontaneously that morning: "We only read about the yard sales last night on Facebook and then quickly registered," she reports. From the last cherry blossom flea market she still had boxes with some treasures in the cellar. Just a few minutes later, some of them changed hands: Jonathan (6), Lotta (8) and Matthis (1) had discovered, among other things, some children's books that dad Tobias Scherer had given them. "We came here before we went to the theater," he reported.

Also satisfied is yard sale organizer Vanesa Muhic. It's the first time she's coordinated the yard sale not only for residents of Beuel, but for residents of all the city's districts: "We have 93 stalls and have received a lot of positive feedback on social media," she reports. As a result, the Bonner Hofflohmärkte (Bonn yard sales) will take place three times a year citywide. The next one is planned for October 3.

(Orig. text: Sebastian Flick, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)