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Covid incidence rate remains above 35: Bonn could soon move to incidence level 2

Covid incidence rate remains above 35 : Bonn could soon move to incidence level 2

For five days in a row now, the incidence rate in Bonn has been above 35. This means that incidence level 2 could apply to Bonn as early as the middle of this week. Stores would again have to reduce the number of customers allowed and parties would be prohibited.

On Sunday, the seven-day incidence rate was 41.6 in Bonn, according to the North Rhine-Westphalia State Center for Health. 240 Bonn residents were currently infected with the coronavirus, it said. The figures are based on data from Sunday at midnight.

This means that the incidence rate is now above the threshold of 35 for five days in a row. If it does not drop below 35 on Monday and Tuesday, the incidence level 2 will apply again for Bonn. This would then remain in place as long as the incidence rate doesn’t reach 50.

Incidence level 2 brings new rules

Meetings between any number of people from one's own household and two other households are allowed at incidence level 2. Ten people can meet up from any number of households if they have a negative test. If all persons meeting up are vaccinated or recovered, there is no limit on the number of persons or households.

Stores are only allowed to have one customer per ten square meters. Retailers with a sales area of more than 800 square meters may only allow one customer for every 20 square meters.

500 guests allowed in cinemas, theaters and operas

In addition to outdoor arts and entertainment events, indoor concerts and theater, opera or cinema screenings are allowed to take place with up to 500 people - as they long as they have tested negative, are vaccinated or recovered - and there is fixed seating. Restaurants may continue to open their outdoor areas to their patrons without testing requirements. But contact information and the table used must still be recorded. The indoor area may be used by vaccinated, recovered or negatively tested individuals, with fixed seating required. Private events are allowed outdoors for up to 100 guests and indoors with up to 50 guests - tested, vaccinated or recovered. Parties, however, are prohibited.

Orig. text: Maximilian Mühlens - Translation: ck