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Suspicious-looking meatball: Dog owner warns against poison baits near the Rhine in Bonn

Suspicious-looking meatball : Dog owner warns against poison baits near the Rhine in Bonn

On a walk between Buschdorf and Hersel a Buschdorfer snatched a suspicious looking meatball from his dog. In recent years there have been repeated incidents with poisonous baits near the Rhine.

"Joschi" was probably lucky: The Tibetan terrier mix ate, as his owner Oliver Borchardt suspects, poisoned meatballs when going for a walk on Thursday last week, but did not get any poisoning symptoms thanks to quick intervention.

According to Borchardt, the meatball lay in the grass under a tree on his daily walkway between Buschdorf and Hersel - on the footpath from Kölnstraße to the Rhine between the new Hersel housing estate Oderstraße and the vegetable field. Since this section is a green strip, this is not a place where a meatball could have been lying by chance, the Buschdorf man thinks. Therefore he turned to the General-Anzeiger to inform and warn other dog owners about the incident. "I walked all the way again later that day, but couldn't find anything. Nevertheless it is better to be careful and to pay attention to what the dogs eat while out walking", he says.

Dog owner Borchardt reacted quickly when his "passionate" four-legged friend bit into the meatball: He was able to take a piece of the suspicious meatball from him and called his vet's office on the spot. He was recommended to come over immediately with Joschi in order to give the animal an emetic. So the terrier mix could be helped quickly and possible poisoning symptoms were prevented.

"He was just not allowed to eat the whole day, which was the worst punishment for him," Borchardt reported relieved.

"We played it safe with the administration of emetics. I can't say whether the meat was poisoned or not; it would have had to be examined at the poison control centre," explained veterinarian Noorul Amin on GA request. "But there have been incidents of poison baits along the Rhine in recent years.“

The Bonn police currently have no evidence of poisonous baits. However, it is recommended, as far as possible, to immediately hand in a sample of the suspicious bait to the municipal veterinary office, Engeltalstraße 4, and to inform the authorities. The police can be contacted at 0228/150, the veterinary office at 0228/772756.

(Original text: Silke Meny; Translation: Mareike Graepel)