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GA listed: Pick your own fruit in Bonn

GA listed : Pick your own fruit in Bonn

The strawberry season has started. On some fields you can even pick them yourself. And not only strawberries, but apples, pears and other fruits too - sometimes even for free. Here’s our list of tips.

The strawberry season has started. On some fields you can even pick them yourself. And not only strawberries, but apples, pears and other fruits, too - sometimes even for free. Here’s our list of tips. A box of strawberries is bought so easily in the supermarket, a bag of apples too. But there’s also the opportunity of picking the fruit yourself.

A few farms in the area offer pick your own fruit events. And there are fruit trees in the city centre, from which everybody can help themselves. In certain areas even for free. The countrywide website mundraub.org offers information where the fruit orchards are to be found. Completely legally, of course.

Organic Farm Apfelbacher in Bornheim

From mid-May, Apfelbacher opened its „garden“ and shop, from Monday to Friday between 9am and 7pm and on Saturday from 9am until 2pm. Until June you can get strawberries, and after that gooseberries - currants and blackberries will be ready to be picked from August. Additionally you can pick salad, kohlrabis, courgettes and tomatoes there too. Potatoes are available in the autumn. The farm provides information on its website which fruit or vegetable is ripe at the moment.

Address: Tombergstraße 1, 53332 Bornheim
Opening times: Monday to Friday 9am - 7pm, Saturday 9am - 2pm
Telephone: 02222/92 71 617
Website: www.bioland-apfelbacher.de

Farm Engels in Troisdorf, Niederkassel and Bornheim

Beside strawberries, you can get cherries, blueberries, gooseberries, plums and apples which you can pick from the trees yourself. Even vegetables can be harvested with your own hands here.

Addresses: Marktstraße, 53859 Niederkassel; Offenbachstraße, 53844 Troisdorf; Straße zur Mühle, 53844 Troisdorf
Opening times: Monday to Friday 8am - 7pm, Sundays and national holidays 9am - 6pm
Telephone/hotline: 02208/31 16

Cherry trees in the city

The city of bonn plants fruits trees in public spaces too. Cherry trees can be found in several locations all over the city. Often, they are single trees. Some of them can be found here:

  • In Bad Godesberg near the Zentralfriedhof at Gotenstraße.
  • On the Venusberg at the „Apple alley“/Kiefernweg near the university hospital
  • In Duisdorf at the Helmholzstraße near the parking lot of the Helmholtz-Gymnasium, as well as on the schoolyard between the main building and the sportshall.
  • In Hardtberg at the Pascalstraße behind the Hardtberghalle towards Konrad-Adenauer-Damm.
  • In Beuel between Königswinterer Straße and Platanenweg at the Bröltalbahnweg, on the site of the Pantheon-Theatre and the Alter Malersaal on the Siegburger Straße.
  • In Holzlar between An Tiebes Eiche and Holzlarer Straße.
  • In Villich-Müldorf between Willi-Graf-Ring and Sankt Augustiner Straße.


Plum trees in the city

Plum trees can be up to ten metres tall, making the picking of the fruit quite a challenge. The fruit are ripe when they are coloured in a deep lilac shade. Some can be found here:

  • In Hardtberg between Konrad-Adenauer-Damm/Ecke René-Schickele-Straße, Heilsbachstraße as well as in the Grimmgasse.
  • In Duisdorf Im Burgacker and the Ludwig-Richter-Straße in front of the school.
  • On the new cemetery Ippendorf and the Ippendorfer Allee near the crossing Stationsweg.
  • At the Werner Melzer Haus between the flower meadow and the Bad Godesberg sewage treatment plant.
  • Several trees can be found between the river banks of the Rhine and the Landgrabenweg in Ramersdorf.
  • In the entertainment park Rheinaue on the Beuel side as well as along the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Straße.


Apple trees in the city

Some can be found here:

  • On the Venusberg between Sertürner Straße and Kiefernweg.
  • On the old cemetery Ippendorf at the Ippendorfer Allee, between the sports grounds Ippendorf and the Engelsbach school.
  • At the Karl-Legien-Straße between Graurheindorf and Castell.
  • A small apple grove with sweet apples can be found in Limperich near the Weinbergweg between the dog playground and vineyard terraces.
  • At the Wilhelm-Spiritus riverside in the south of the city between Kanzler Teehaus at the Bonn rowing club.
  • In the Rheinaue between Petra-Kelly-Allee, the A562 and the Rhine banks.
  • At the Hindenburgplatz in Dottendorf.
  • At the Dorotheenstraße in the Nordstadt, as well as between Weiherstraße and Franzstraße.
  • In the Wichelshofsiedlung between Rhine banks and Römerstraße


Nut trees in the city

They can be found here:

  • In Schwarzrheindorf at the Arnoldstraße, the Petrusstraße and the Clemensstraße.
  • In the Rheinaue near the water and on the theatre square in Bad Godesberg.
  • At the Stralsunder Weg in Tannenbusch.
  • At the Derlestraße in Duisdorf.
  • At the Engländerweg at the city border to Hersel.
  • At the Südfriedhof near the Raste und close to Servatiusstraße.
  • In the south of the city near the Prinz-Albert-Straße.


Sweet chestnuts in the city

There are quite a lot of sweet chestnut trees in the city. To pick some, you have to wait until autumn though, they aren’t going to be ripe until probably October.Here are some locations of them:

  • In the Rheinaue on the Beuel side.
  • At the Röttgener Weg in the Kottenforst near the parking lot on Venner Allee.
  • Behind the sports grounds in Duisdorf.
  • At the Venusberg/Kiefernweg, the Paulshof und at the Robert-Koch-Straße.

Website: www.mundraub.org

Please note: This is a list of fruit picking places in Bonn, which makes no claim to be complete nor objective. The running order is not a ranking of any kind. The order is random and the farms and yards were picked in a subjective manner. If you think there is a field or meadow or orchard missing that should be in there, please get in touch via online@ga.de.

Original text: Susanne Wächter Translation: Mareike Graepel