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Shock for 24-year-old: After stay abroad, woman finds strangers in her apartment

Shock for 24-year-old : After stay abroad, woman finds strangers in her apartment

A young woman returned to her apartment after a longer stay abroad. But her key to the front door no longer fit. And that was clearly not her biggest problem.

While a 24-year-old woman from Oberhausen was on a longer trip overseas, strangers took over her apartment. The furnishings were almost completely changed.

When the young woman returned home, her key did not fit in the door anymore. She asked a 49-year-old resident in the building for help and any information he might have. He told her that other people were now living in her apartment because she had not paid rent, according to police. He had rented it out to others.

The woman called the police for help. When they arrived to the apartment, they met two men from eastern Europe, a 33-and a 43-year-old, who said they were now living there. It was said that "A check revealed that the men were tourists in Germany and were not registered in Oberhausen." Only the woman’s television was still there, the rest of her belongings gone. There was no trace of her original household.

The 49-year-old resident and the two "squatters" were arrested and spent the remainder of May Day in police custody.

The young woman had signed a lease on January 1 for the apartment. Soon after, she moved into her newly furnished place. It was still unclear if she had paid rent while she was abroad. “The investigators are now clarifying the background of this unusual case of a home burglary.” (Orig. text: dpa, Translation: ck)