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Offer for season ticket holders: VRS-Abo-Ticket valid throughout NRW during the summer holidays

Offer for season ticket holders : VRS-Abo-Ticket valid throughout NRW during the summer holidays

Free travel throughout NRW: If you have a VRS Abo-Ticket, you can travel not only in the Rhineland during the summer holidays, but through the entire federal state. The option of taking others with you on the ticket will also be adjusted.

If you hold a season ticket from the Rhine-Sieg Transport Association (VRS), you can generally use it to travel through the cities of Bonn, Cologne, Leverkusen and Monheim, as well as through the Rhine-Sieg district, the Rhine-Erft district, the Oberberg district, the Rheinisch-Bergisch district and the district of Euskirchen. But during the summer it will be different: VRS has announced that Abo-Ticket holders can travel free of charge and around the clock throughout North Rhine-Westphalia. The transport associations and companies want to thank passengers for their loyalty during the corona pandemic. The offer is also valid for season tickets from the Aachener Verkehrsverbund (AVV), the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR), the WestfalenTarif and the NRW-Tarif.

These Abo-Tickets can also be used in the whole of NRW in the period from 3 July to 17 August inclusive. The tickets are valid for any number of journeys on all means of local transport.

Season ticket holders may take others with them free of charge

In addition, the option of taking others with you on the ticket will be adjusted during the approximately six week period. Two people and up to three children or two adults and up to two bicycles are allowed to travel per ticket, including the ticket holder. Time restrictions, for example on the season tickets valid from 9 am, will also be lifted, according to the VRS.

The NRW Ministry of Transport supports the state-wide campaign. Minister of Transport Hendrik Wüst said, “The holiday campaign is a way for us, together with the transport authorities and transport companies, to say thank you to the loyal bus and rail customers!”

(Original text: Alexander Hertel, Translation: Caroline Kusch)