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Check-ups in Bonn: 236 breaches of the mask rule on buses and trains

Check-ups in Bonn : 236 breaches of the mask rule on buses and trains

The city has taken stock in regard to corona check-ups: According to a survey, 236 passengers without masks have been travelling on buses and trains since mid-August. Also: Positive tests are reported from numerous schools.

Since mid-August, the city ordinance service has identified 236 violations of the mask rule in buses and trains during inspections. They will now be punished with a fine of 150 Euro each. This was reported by the city council. After notifications, the Bonn city planning service is checking individual restaurants, as they allegedly do not comply with the requirements of the Corona Protection Ordinance. So far, however, no infringements have been detected.

At the French market in Bad Godesberg last weekend, three people were found without mouth and nose covers; they are each being charged. According to the administration, the exhibitors have complied with the regulations. In total, the city's fine office has now received 1,700 complaints for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. In the meantime, 1,100 fines have been imposed, which amounts to a total of 220,000 Euro.

The positive tests at schools so far: one person each at Marie-Kahle-Gesamtschule, Heinrich-Hertz-Europakolleg, Ludwig-Erhard-Berufskolleg, Kardinal-Frings-Gymnasium, Karl-Simrock-Hauptschule, Berufskolleg Duisdorf, Realschule Beuel, Grundschule Peter-Klein-Straße, Tannenbusch-Gymnasium, Weiterbildungskolleg Dottendorf, Friedrich-List-Berufskolleg, Robert-Wetzlar-Berufskolleg, Matthias-Claudius-Schule, Kita Kleiner Lukas and Seniorenzentrum Heinrich Kolfhaus; two at Elisabeth-Selbert-Gesamtschule and three at Ernst-Kalkuhl-Gymnasium.

Original text: Richard Bongartz. Translation: Mareike Graepel