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Covid precautionary measures in daycares: Bonn Kitas prepare for children to return

Covid precautionary measures in daycares : Bonn Kitas prepare for children to return

A ban on parents entering kindergartens and daycare centers run by the city will continue to apply - also for parents of children who are admitted to a so-called Kita for the first time.

In light of the recent sharp increase in the number of COVID cases, parents are still not allowed to enter the city run daycare centers (Kitas) in Bonn, says city spokeswoman Barbara Löcherbach: "Getting the new children settled in is planned in a way to minimize the number of adults entering the daycare center. And the distance requirement and mandatory masks for adults continue to apply, regardless of vaccination status". Just before the summer holidays, parents were asked to make use of the test offer for their children when they return to the daycare centers.

Self-tests will also continue to be available for the staff, and hygiene concepts for children and staff will be adapted if necessary in response to the incidence figures. "The city as the operator (of the public Kitas) reserves the right to implement further measures on short notice, such as reducing contact between groups in its facilities, if this should become necessary in terms of safety for children and staff," explained Löcherbach. The same applies to youth programs.

Slight drop in the seven-day incidence in Bonn

In the city's long-term care facilities and senior centers, more than 90 percent of residents are currently vaccinated, says Löcherbach: "There are still checks on those wanting to visit there, so that only those who have been vaccinated, tested or recovered are allowed to come in to the facilities." They also keep additional testing capacity available for visitors who require a test.

The seven-day incidence dropped slightly in Bonn on Tuesday. After two days with a value of 36.1, it went down to 34.9, according to the record of the State Center for Health (LZG). Records show that 115 people have been newly infected with the virus in the past seven days.

(Orig. text: Alexander Barth /Translation: ck)