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Day tripping: Bonn residents drawn to green spaces over the weekend

Day tripping : Bonn residents drawn to green spaces over the weekend

The beautiful weather over the weekend drew many Bonners out to the city’s green spaces. Not all of them were sticking to the rules: 48 people were reported for violating the corona protection regulations and two private parties had to be broken up.

Large numbers of people were attracted outdoors over the weekend due to the blue skies and beautiful sunshine. Particularly on Sunday, many Bonners were out and about at the playgrounds and public parks. The Rheinaue park and the forest trails at the Waldau were among the most popular destinations. This required intervention from the municipal public order service - staff had to go out 88 times over the weekend and made 48 reports due to violations of the corona protection regulations. In addition two private parties were broken up. On Friday night the municipal public order service was called out to a private party where seven people were disturbing the peace in Tannenbusch. The staff had to break up another party in Muffendorf on Saturday evening, also involving seven people. All those involved were reported to the police. Fewer people in the Old Town on Friday Things were calmer in the Old Town on Friday evening. The operators of Nyx, Wache, Brix, Namenlos, Blow Up, Babel, Fynn’s Inn and Zone have joined forces to offer a weekend drinking route. “People are going crazy at home so we want to provide some relief,” said Tobias Epping, operator of the Wache and Blow Up. He believes that groups of visitors to the Old Town can be better regulated like this. And indeed, Friday evening was relatively quiet in the Old Town. Only a few people were out and about, mostly in small groups. On Sunday, the public order office mainly controlled the area around the banks of the Rhine and the Rheinaue. “Many families and groups of two are going out for a walk in compliance with the corona rules. The playgrounds are well-filled; the rules concerning mask wearing and distancing are being observed there," said deputy city spokesman Marc Hoffmann upon request. There was also a lot of activity at sports facilities over the weekend. Large groups of people were reported to the municipal public order service at regular intervals. However, on-site checks revealed that there were a lot of groups of two using the sports facilities. According to Hoffmann, this is permitted under the current Corona Protection Ordinance. Furthermore: "According to assessments by the municipal public order service, the regulations continue to be accepted and well observed by Bonn residents. When someone is penalised for violating the rules, they have a lot to say and sometimes become aggressive.”City appeals to citizens On Wednesday the city had appealed to citizens to observe social distancing in parks and green spaces, in the forest or along the banks of the Rhine, on playgrounds and sports fields, and to wear face coverings if in doubt. This appeal was not always heeded by Bonn residents over the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, around 50 people spread out in larger groups on the football field on Hohe Straße. Some were shooting goals and others passed the ball to one another in a circle. But no one here was wearing a mask. A week earlier, 80 people were counted on the football field, who were allegedly practising too closely and also without masks. However, the city refrains from closing the sports fields, as this would only lead to displacement into neighbouring areas. The lawn at the Poppelsdorfer Schloss was full on Sunday afternoon. Here many small groups of people could be seen sitting on picnic blankets. In the adjacent Clemens-August-Straße not all passers-by were following the mandatory mask wearing rule, and social distancing was not always observed in the queues in front of the cafes and restaurants. Full car parks at Waldau forest on Sunday Similar scenes could be found at the Waldau. By Sunday afternoon all the parking spaces here were already full. And therefore a lot of people were out and about in the forest. The playground at the Haus der Natur was so crowded at times that social distancing could not be observed. The obligation to wear masks was also not always respected on the grounds. Many walkers, cyclists and joggers were also out and about in the Rheinaue. Face coverings were not being worn there. However, it was a different story along the Brassertufer. There were many people wearing masks in the throngs walking from the city centre towards the Rheinaue. Including Ronja (20) and Isabelle (21), who were out taking photographs in the beautiful weather. “We are wearing masks to protect ourselves and others,” said Isabelle. Ronja added: “In solidarity, because there are a lot of people here and social distancing is not always possible”. It was also busy on the Hofgartenwiese and at the Alte Zoll. Here people could be seen sitting on their picnic blankets in small groups. (Original text: Niklas Schröder, Translation: Caroline Kusch)