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Preparation for Christmas markets: Bonn residents must remove their bikes from the city centre

Preparation for Christmas markets : Bonn residents must remove their bikes from the city centre

The city council is clearing away bike stands in the city centre for the Christmas market. Cyclists have 72 hours to remove their bicycles.

Several bike stands in Bonn city centre will have to make way for the Christmas market. The bike stands will be temporarily dismantled during preparations for the winter event as early as 12 November. For cyclists in Bonn, this inevitably means looking for other parking spaces in the city centre.

The reason, according to Bonn city council, is that space is required for the market stalls and to keep escape routes clear. On Friday, 9 November, council staff are blocking the affected bike parking facilities with warning tape and information that bikes may no longer be parked there. In so doing, the city council will be meeting the legal deadline of 72 hours for providing signage.

Bikes which are still parked at the stands when the construction work begins will be removed by the city council and stored temporarily. This also applies to bikes parked at the protective railings around trees. These railings will also be partially dismantled for the market. Parking here is generally not permitted anyway.

During the Christmas market season, parking spaces for bike will remain at the Haus der Bildung and under the archway at the Haus der Bildung leading to the Budapester Straße.

The Bonn Christmas market will take place from 23 November to 23 December 2018. 180 stalls will be set up on Münsterplatz, Bottlerplatz, Friedensplatz, Remigiusplatz and Mülheimer Platz.

(Original text: GA, Translation: Caroline Payne)