Bad Godesberg landmark Cäcilienhöhe to be demolished

Muffendorf · It was Germany’s former chancellor, the late Helmut Kohl's favorite place. For years it stands unused, now the administration of Lubig real estates wants to tear down the house.

The Bonn celebrities met during capital times at "Bruno" in the Cäcilienhöhe. Now the days of the former restaurant Cäcilienhöhe on the Goldbergweg on the way to the Heiderhof are numbered.

This was confirmed by owner Sebastian Lubig of Lubig Immobilien Verwaltung in Sankt Augustin upon GA request. "We will demolish the building. We are preparing an application for a species protection report." Lubig expects the traditional building to be demolished "in the second half of 2019 at the earliest“.

The owners' plan is to build a rented apartment on the site. For the construction of an apartment building with around ten residential units, including an underground car park with 18 parking spaces, a positive preliminary decision was already issued in August 2015 as part of a preliminary building application. It has since been extended to the end of August 2019, as the administration announced at the request of the SPD parliamentary group in the district council. The reason for SPD politicians Angelika Stabenow and Klaus Lehmann’s request was the long-standing vacancy and decay of the former prestigious restaurant.

Not listed as a historical monument

The restaurant on Muffendorfer Höhe, which is not a listed building, has a long history dating back to 1870. In 1937, owner Emma Bruns had it rebuilt and extended, "thereby completely abandoning the original old building, a half-timbered house," wrote Hans Kleinpass in 1992 in the Godesberger Heimatblättern 30.

During the time of Bonn's capital, the restaurant developed into a popular place for Bonn's top politicians, particularly under the aegis of the Italian gastronome Bruno Pierini. For example, the legendary "Pasta Connection“ including Helmut Kohl, Eduard Ackermann and others often met in the house with the magnificent view of the Rhine Valley. After the sudden death of owner Bruno Pierini in 1997, his wife Flora was unable to continue the restaurant's success story. In 1999 the company had to file for bankruptcy.

From 2001 to 2004 Bernd and Astrid Ewert tried to revive the traditional restaurant. In 2004, Volker Held-Kerp and Dirk Twisterling took over for a while. The house has been empty since 2011. "For us, too, the decision to demolish the house is painful," says well-known owner Sebastian Lubig, who pointed out that the house has been owned by the Lubig family for decades. "At the moment", says Lubig, "it's only about the demolition." The schedule for the construction of rented housing is still open.

The district council also deals with the Cäcilienhöhe at its meeting on Wednesday, January 30, from 5 pm in the Stadthalle. Original text: Michael Wenzel Translation: Mareike Graepel

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