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Work on a track and the roof: Cancellations at Bonn main station

Work on a track and the roof : Cancellations at Bonn main station

Rail commuters must be prepared for partial cancellations at Bonn main station in the period from 15 February to 29 March. The railway is carrying out work on the roof and on individual tracks.

Deutsche Bahn (DB) is carrying out various works for the new electronic interlocking on the left side of the Rhine in several construction phases between 15 February and 29 March, as well as roof, track and platform works at Bonn Central Station.

"This means that several measures will be bundled together in a short period of time, thus minimising the burden on rail traffic," says a statement by the railway. On the weekends from Saturday, 15 February, 5.30 a.m., to Monday, 17 February, 10.15 p.m., and from 29 February to 1 March, from 7 to 8 March, from 14 to 15 March and from 21 to 22 March, roof renovation work will be carried out. "This work will require the closure of some station tracks and will lead to timetable adjustments, track changes and diversions for trains in local and long-distance traffic," the railway company said. With a few exceptions, the trains of the regional railway line RB 30 between Bonn main station and Bad Godesberg will be cancelled. Alternatively, the trains of the Mittelrheinbahn or the tram lines 16 or 63 can be used.

The timetable changes are also available online

From 6 a.m. on Saturday, 29 February, to 2 p.m. on Wednesday, 25 March, work on the interlocking and control and security technology on the line between Cologne and Remagen will take place. This work requires the single-track closure of the line and will lead to timetable adjustments. Platform work will take place in the main station from Monday, 9 to Wednesday, 11 March and from Sunday, 16 to Tuesday, 18 March, as well as from Sunday, 23 to Tuesday, 25 March, and on Monday, 24 March, as well as on Saturday, 28 March, and Sunday, 29 March. This work requires the closure of tracks and station tracks and will lead to the cancellation of individual trains of the RB 30. Alternatively, the trains of the Mittelrheinbahn and the RE 5 can be used.

"Deutsche Bahn's timetable changes are included in the online information systems and will be announced via notices on the platforms," explained Deutsche Bahn spokesman Dirk Pohlmann. Travellers should note that other rail transport companies are also affected by the individual construction measures, so that these may also be subject to changes.

Original text: GA Bonn

Translation: Mareike Graepel