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200 meters from the "Bahnhöfchen" restaurant: Men rob women on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel

200 meters from the "Bahnhöfchen" restaurant : Men rob women on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel

On Monday evening a group of men robbed three women in the Rheinaue area of Bonn-Beuel near Rheinaustraße/Bröhltalbahnweg. The police are calling for information.

A robbery occurred on Monday at about 10 pm in the Rheinaue area of Beuel near Rheinaustraße/Bröhltalbahnweg. According to the police in Bonn, a 20-year-old girl and two friends were on the Rhine meadow about 200 meters away from the restaurant "Bahnhöfchen" when a group of about ten people approached.

A man from the group approached the 20-year-old and took her backpack. When the woman held on to the backpack, the stranger forcibly snatched it away. The robber searched the backpack and took out the wallet. The woman demanded her things back. Finally, the main perpetrator complied with her request. But the cash from her purse was missing. Then the main offender ran off together with two companions in the direction of Kennedy Bridge.

The initiated investigation has not yet led to success. All men are described as 17 to 19 years old. The three women particularly recall three of the suspects. They describe them as follows:

The main culprit is about 1.80 metres tall, remarkably thin (especially the cheekbones), has a dark complexion and short dark hair, as well as a hairstyle that the injured parties call a “millimetre cut”. At the time of the crime he was wearing a dark “Lacoste” sports jacket, dark long jogging trousers and a dark or brown shoulder bag. According to the victim, his first name or nickname is Mike or something similar, but certainly a name starting with the letter M.

The second suspect is also about 1.80 metres tall, more well-built than the main offender and has short blonde or slightly reddish hair. He wore a light cap, a white hoody, a dark sleeveless jacket, light jeans and a black shoulder bag.

The third suspect is described as 1.60 to 1.65 metres tall with a remarkably thin stature. According to the young women, he is a Southern European with short dark hair shaved at the sides. The other suspects called him “Sabri”. He has a strikingly small head and wore a grey tracksuit at the time of the crime.

The Criminal Investigation Department 32 has taken over the further investigation of the case. Witnesses who can provide information about the identity of the suspects or what happened are asked to contact the police on 0228/150.

Original text: Jill Mylonas; translation John Chandler