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Corner Bornheimer and Brühler Straße: Mr Wash to build a huge carwash in Bonn

Corner Bornheimer and Brühler Straße : Mr Wash to build a huge carwash in Bonn

Mr Wash is building a car wash on the corner of Bornheimer and Brühler Straße. There will be various services over three floors. Several thousand washes will be possible per day.

The Mr Wash company is building a new car wash with three floors in north Bonn. “This is so far a unique project for us,” says chairman Richard Enning. The preparatory construction work began a few days ago on the around 5800 square metre corner plot on Bornheimer and Brühler Straße. The facility itself should be ready in one and a half years.

“We spent a very long time looking for a suitable site in Bonn; the city is an interesting market for us,” says Enning, who runs 35 Mr Wash facilities throughout Germany. However, the site, not far from the fire station and roundabout, is not really suitable: it is actually too small to build the company’s usual giant car wash facilities. That is why the necessary space had to be stacked upwards.

Customers can clean their own cars in the cellar

On the lowest level, the cellar so to speak, customers can clean their vehicles themselves with vacuum cleaners and water. At ground level, a car wash is being built in which cars will be cleaned on two parallel belts – more than one thousand washes a day are possible. “Then you can either drive down a floor or reach the upper level via a ramp,” explains Enning. There, employees will clean the interior of the vehicles, polish and treat them. The entrance will be on Bornheimer Straße, the exit on Brühler Straße.

Bonn is one of the most expensive and also largest locations for the Essen-based company. “The location is good because we are positioned directly next to the car showrooms here.” The large Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen and Audi car dealerships are within sight. Mercedes and BMW are only a few hundred metres away. According to Enning, around 60 employees will be hired to take care of operations and car preparation. By comparison, Stuttgart has one of the largest car washes in the world, also operated by Mr Wash. Around a hundred people work there and up to 4000 cars a day can be cleaned. There will be no in-house petrol station in Bonn, as is usual at other facilities.

As a first step, specialists searched the ground for munitions. For many years, the area next to the Federal Procurement Office lay empty and was used as a parking and storage area. The first earthworks are now being done.

The Rheindorfer stream, which runs directly behind the plot from Alfter-Witterschlick to the outlet to the Rhine in Dransdorf, is another challenge according to Enning. “We have to consider the flood protection function during construction.” In addition, no water from the car wash facility may seep into the soil or the stream.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach. Translation: kc)