Space for up to 200 guests Pizzeria Tuscolo to open branch in Rheinbach

Rheinbach · Between May and July 2021, the Bonn pizzeria Tuscolo will open another restaurant on Wilhelmsplatz in Rheinbach. Up to 200 people will be able to be seated in the new branch.

 The opening of the Tuscolo on Wilhelmsplatz in Rheinbach is planned for next summer.

The opening of the Tuscolo on Wilhelmsplatz in Rheinbach is planned for next summer.

Foto: Axel Vogel

The "pizza world champions" from Bonn come to Rheinbach: Ristorante-Pizzeria Tuscolo opens a branch on Wilhelmplatz in the city centre. This was confirmed by Antonio Esposito, junior head of the owner family Esposito, at the request of the General-Anzeiger newspaper. "The building application went out a fortnight ago," reported Esposito. "We hope that we will soon be able to start the conversion and open in May, June or July - if Corona allows it“.

Fourth Ristorante of the Esposito family in the region

As in the existing branches at Frankenbad and Münster in Bonn and in Siegburg on Holzgasse, Tuscolo guests will be able to sit and dine on two levels in the new Ristaurante. Under "normal conditions", there should be 180 to 200 seats, says Esposito. Normal means that no corona-related distances have to be maintained. "It should be the same in Rheinbach as in all our establishments: The guests come in and are aware that they are in Tuscolo."

Guests in Rheinbach will be offered the usual concept with Italian lifestyle, fresh products, pasta, salads and pizzas up to 35 centimetres long. "And we bring our world champions with us," says Antonio Esposito. "Among our 16 pizza bakers we have two pizza world champions and two European champions," he reports. The pizza bakers regularly take part in competitions. "That's just as well. We also cultivate that", reports Esposito.

Pizza, pasta and the ambience of the family-run business are appreciated by the guests: In a listing by Tripadvisor, the world's largest travel website, Tuscolo regularly secures top positions. Based on millions of reviews and opinions from Tripadvisor users, a top ten has been created, in which the restaurants were determined by the quality and quantity of reviews. The result: in this ranking, Tuscolo's Ristorante-Pizzeria appeared twice among the top ten.

Original text: Mario Quadt

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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