Meat producer disturbed at conference Threatening call led to police action at Petersberg

Königswinter · Because of a threatening phone call, the police searched the Petersberg in Königswinter early Wednesday evening with tracking dogs for suspicious objects. The German Meat Congress took place there.

 Petersberg in Königswinter.

Petersberg in Königswinter.

Foto: picture alliance / dpa/Oliver Berg

A police operation took place early Wednesday evening on the Petersberg in Königswinter. Around 5:15 pm, the reception of the Steigenberger Grandhotel had received a threatening phone call, in which, according to the police, the caller demanded "to clear the building". At that time, a congress with about 400 participants took place there - organized by the German Meat Congress.

The police forces then searched the hotel and the outside area for suspicious objects with sniffer dog Enox, without finding anything. Despite this, the congress continued as planned.

The police operation did not affect the traffic on the state road 331 between Königswinter-Altstadt and Margarethenhöhe.

(Original text: Uta Effern-Salhoub and Heike Hamann; Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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