Bonn restaurants in the Top Ten „Tuscolo“ amongst the best pizza places in Germany

Bonn · Bonn’s pizza restaurants „Tuscolo“ know how to convince - in the ranking of Tripadvisor (the largest travel website worldwide) it’s even mentioned twice amongst the Top Ten.

The pizzas are massive and are hanging over the edges of the plates’ - in the restaurant at the Frankenbad people queue for ages to get a table in Tuscolo’s. The pizza place has two branches in Bonn and another one in Siegburg. That Tuscolo’s is well known across the country is now proven by a new ranking on Tripadvisor.

Based on millions of reviews and comments of Tripadvisor users the website generates a Top Ten in which restaurants are listed according to quality and quantity of the reviews.

Original text: GA Bonn

Translation: Mareike Graepel

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