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Upcoming school openings: Schools in the Rhine-Sieg district are waiting for information from the state

Upcoming school openings : Schools in the Rhine-Sieg district are waiting for information from the state

The incidence value in the Rhein-Sieg district remains constantly below 100. From Thursday, the curfews could be lifted. The concrete procedure, however, is apparently unclear at the ministry in Düsseldorf. Meanwhile, there is displeasure in the district youth welfare office.

The schools in the Rhein-Sieg district will "definitely" reopen for classes next Monday. A spokeswoman for the state Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs (MAGS) assumes this, as the incidence value for this Tuesday is expected to be below 100 for the fifth consecutive working day. The general order states that the federal emergency brake can be eased on the day after next. That would be Thursday, but for schools, the changes will be implemented starting the following Monday.

In the schools of the Rhein-Sieg region they appear to be against it. Many school managements were not occupied on Monday with a round call and/or were in the Homeoffice. Many also did not want to give statements. One of the few occupied schools was that of the European school Troisdorf. The head of the municipal comprehensive school, Sabine Lewerenz, said that she did not expect a serious difference to the current alternating teaching. Nevertheless, given that many of the teachers have not yet been vaccinated, "it will be a challenge. But we will deal with the situation appropriately."

 Apparently, the state government has not yet been confronted with such a situation. The press office could not answer an inquiry about the specific procedure on Monday - namely, whether, for example, the state independently adjusts the general orders of affected municipalities.

However, the reference from the Ministry authorised to give decisions are the values published by the Robert Koch institute (RKI) under www.rki.de/inzidenzen. According to this, the MAGS uses the "frozen" values of the Robert Koch Institute as the basis for the determination under the Infection Protection Act. "Frozen," according to the RKI website, means that subsequently reported figures are no longer used for the relevant incidence value. As reported, the district health office sends the new infection figures to the RKI daily, but only until 12 noon or 3 pm. Data received later are no longer subsequently transferred to the daily incidence, as was previously the case. Critics therefore continue to see this as a "systematic error" for political decisions.

From the district house it said, only the country can loosen by general order the emergency brake again. Independently the circle cannot become active there. The schools are also waiting for information from the authorities. There is no automatic mechanism. The same applies to the retail trade, which cannot open completely under an incidence of 100, but can do without the presentation of a current negative Coronatest with "Click & Meet“.

Meanwhile, resentment is spreading among employees of the county's Department of Youth Services. Unlike their colleagues from the municipal youth welfare offices, they have not yet received an offer of vaccination. As reported, the district administrator had provided the 19 cities and municipalities of the Rhine-Sieg district with a total of 1500 vaccination doses for their employees. The general social service (ASD), which has many external contacts, has been left out so far.

This was confirmed by a spokesman for the district. "The 1500 vaccination IDs were an offer of vaccination exclusively to the 19 cities and municipalities belonging to the district for the vaccination of personnel from Prio 2," he said. "The Rhein-Sieg-Kreis has vaccinated personnel from Prio 1 (including home supervisors, care authorities, hygiene inspectors and physicians in outbreak incidents) and Prio 2 (public health services) from its workforce for professional reasons. Whoever is vaccinated beyond that for personal reasons under Prio2 (previous illness, contact person, etc.) is outside the knowledge of the employer."

In addition, the Rhine-Sieg district is preparing for the possibility of vaccinations by a company doctor, which - provided there is sufficient vaccine - has been announced by the state government from June.

(Original text: Dylan Cem Akalin; Translation: Mareike Graepel)