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Bonn International School: Live tour and interviews during the Virtual Open House

Bonn International School : Live tour and interviews during the Virtual Open House

The Bonn International School is hosting a Virtual Open House on Friday, November 19, from 2–3.30pm. There will be a live tour as well as interviews with students, teacher and administrators.

Although the school would be allowed to host visiting families on campus (in contrast to May this year when the Virtual Open House happened last), it seems that many of the prospective families are not travelling, or simply prefer the virtual format to get the information and insight they are looking for.

Admissions Manager Jana Jazic will again be the host and moderator of the event. She says: "We enjoy making the virtual experience as fun and informative as an in-person school tour. And families appreciate the possibility of connecting with us in both ways.“

The school’s director, Pat Baier, adds: "Even when Covid is no longer a factor, we will continue this and our other virtual events. It is really valuable for students and their families to meet and interact with our staff and each other online, even before school starts.“

During the virtual tour participants can get an impression of the entire campus (including classrooms, playgrounds, laboratories, sports hall, cafeteria, specialist rooms) through being "on location“ digitally.

Questions in the busy chatroom are welcomed. The BIS welcomes approximately 130 new students each school year, about half of these families are expected to login for this Virtual Open House. BIS currently has ca. 720 students from 75 countries. (Text: Mareike Graepel)