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Shopping in Bonn city center: New tenant found to replace Zara

Shopping in Bonn city center : New tenant found to replace Zara

The Spanish apparel retailer Zara will leave Bonn city center in December but the building will not stay empty for long. A well-known German fashion retailer will follow.

In December, the Spanish apparel retailer Zara will be moving out of its location in Bonn but the retail space will not remain empty for long. AppelrathCüpper (AC), a women’s fashion store, will be taking its place. AC is currently located on Poststrasse and will be moving to the space left vacant by Zara between the Markt and Remigiusplatz. Much earlier, this was the location of the Blömer am Markt fashion store. The Blömer family still rents out the building.

AppelrathCüpper was founded in 1882, and Blömer four years later. The two companies share a long history: “this gives us a connection and offers an agreeable basis for negotiation," says AC Managing Director Lothar Schäfer.

The management of the Cologne-based company is pleased to be able to continue the 50-year history of the business in Bonn at a new location. "The insolvency proceedings caused by coronavirus and the lockdown, and our strong will to stay in business, forced us to think creatively and find solutions. The search for alternative locations was one of them," said Schäfer. Now they want to fill the Blömer building with new life, one of the best locations in Bonn. Just a few days ago, AC attracted the attention of many with its advertising campaign "We celebrate women". Annika Herrmann (23), a member of the sales staff at the Bonn AppelrathCüpper, stood in front of the camera as a model.

Orig. text: Richard Bongartz

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