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Returning from Great Britain: Shorter quarantine for family in Bonn possible after all

Returning from Great Britain : Shorter quarantine for family in Bonn possible after all

The Health Department allows an exemption for a family that had arrived from the UK twelve hours before the Corona rules were relaxed. The longed-for family visit can now take place earlier.

After a family with the destination Bonn entered from Great Britain last week, shortly before the Corona relaxations would have allowed a shortening of the quarantine period, the city has now given the green light for an exemption: accordingly, Malenka Bissell and her seven-year-old daughter are allowed to leave the protective isolation after five instead of 14 days. The UK had been downgraded from a virus variant area to a high risk area twelve hours after they entered the country.

Following a GA report and intensive contact efforts by the mother, Lord Mayor Katja Dörner asked the health department to review the case, according to the city's press office. The result: "The mother must provide proof of her complete vaccination and the child must provide a current negative rapid test. Both will then be released from quarantine," says spokesman Marc Hoffmann. In addition, it will be examined whether these facts apply to other people.

Bissell had criticized the communication policy of the health department to the GA. This impression has now changed: "I am very grateful to the city of Bonn that it has taken a closer look at our case. The health department employee who called us was super." He also apologized that the family had fallen into a kind of regulatory loophole, says Bissell, who will now be able to make a long-awaited family visit to Berlin with her daughter sooner.

(Original text: Alexander Barth, Translation: Mareike Graepel)