Bonn police received complaint Social Media: Warning of poisonous bait

Recently, users in Facebook groups have been warning against poisoned bait in several districts of Wachtberg. The dog of a woman from Gimmersdorf had to be put down. She suspects that her dog had to be euthanised because of the consumption of poison. The police received a complaint.

 At the bypass, the dog of the Gimmersdorf lady (l.) is said to have eaten a poisoned bait. Photo: Axel Vogel

At the bypass, the dog of the Gimmersdorf lady (l.) is said to have eaten a poisoned bait. Photo: Axel Vogel

Foto: Axel Vogel

In the Godesberg and Wachtberg Facebook groups there has been one topic of particular interest in the last few days. The warning about poisonous bait for dogs, which had been found on the Heiderhof and in the Wachtberg districts of Villiprott, Gimmersdorf and Ließem, was strongly shared. At first it was said that one dog had died. Then quickly there were three, depending on the group. It is understandable that dog owners are very concerned about this issue. But GA research has not yet proven anything.

A woman from Gimmersdorf who wishes to remain anonymous is certain, however, that her animal has fallen victim to a dog hater. And this by means of a poison bait. She explained at a meeting: "My dog was completely healthy until the said walk on Saturday evening in the fields near the Gimmersdorf bypass.“

On the way, she then noticed that the small, eleven-year-old terrier mix had licked his snout. "He must have eaten something," she says with conviction. The very next night, she says, the animal breathed noticeably heavily. A little later, the dog started to stagger and fell over. According to the owner, the animal could only breathe with difficulty and did not eat or drink anything more. On Wednesday, the vet finally advised the dog to be put down, which the lady from Gimmersdorf asked of her doctor with a heavy heart. "I've been completely exhausted ever since," she says.

Even though the vet was unable to make a statement on the cause of death, the woman has no doubt that her four-legged companion was deliberately poisoned. She therefore filed a complaint with the Bonn police against ‚unknown’. "We also received the complaint online", confirmed Michael Beyer, spokesman of the Bonn police on Tuesday. Regarding the other alleged cases of poisoning which are said to have occurred in the direction of Villiprott, Ließem and Heiderhof, the police spokesman also said: "We have no reports of such cases. There were also no concrete indications of poisoned bait at present.

Original text: Axel Vogel. Translation: Mareike Graepel

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