Münsterplatz in Bonn The Beethoven monument comes off its pedestal

Bonn · The statue of Ludwig van Beethoven stands larger than life in the middle of Bonn. But the often-photographed sculpture of the city's greatest son is in need of renovation.

 The statue of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn.

The statue of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

The monument to the composer Ludwig van Beethoven in Bonn, which was inaugurated about 175 years ago, needs to be renovated. At the beginning of next year, the statue of Bonn's most famous composer (1770-1827) is to be lifted from its pedestal, the city of Bonn announced on request. However, there is no exact date for the start of the work. The statue, erected in 1845 to commemorate Beethoven's 75th birthday, is one of the city's most popular photo motifs. It shows the composer with wavy hair and a rapt look.

The composers Franz Liszt and Robert Schumann had previously promoted the monument for years. It was designed by Ernst Julius Hähnel, a sculptor and professor at the Dresden Art Academy. Celebrities and monarchs attended the inauguration in August 1845. Among those present were the British Queen Victoria, the Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm and the scholar Alexander von Humboldt. When the monument was finally unveiled, the guests only saw the composer's back, which they did not like.

According to the city, corrosion damage to the monument is the reason for the renovation. At the damaged spots, dirt and water could penetrate and increase the risk of corrosion in the interior, they said. "The damage is barely visible to observers of the monument," the city explained. The German Foundation for Monument Protection is funding the restoration with 15,000 Euro. The monument is to be restored over the winter. (Original text: (dpa) / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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