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Following coronavirus-induced break : E-scooters from Lime return to Bonn with a new offer

Following coronavirus-induced break : E-scooters from Lime return to Bonn with a new offer

In March, Lime e-scooter rentals closed down because of the coronavirus crisis, not only in Bonn, but all over the world. Now it is returning with new price options and a larger area of coverage.

After ceasing operations for several months due to the coronavirus crisis, the e-scooter service Lime starts up again on Friday in Bonn. In mid-March, the Californian company collected the entire fleet of scooters in Germany and in almost all markets worldwide, temporarily suspending its service without giving an exact date for when it planned to resume service. In Cologne, the scooters have been rolling again since mid-April.

"Our current experience with the reactivation of our fleet in cities such as Cologne or Düsseldorf clearly shows that the demand for individual mobility options continues to grow," says General Manager Alexander Graf von Pfeil. Lime also views the coronavirus crisis as an opportunity for many people to rethink their transportation and perhaps consider an e-scooter.

This is one of the reasons that the service area in Bonn has been significantly enlarged. According to Lime, it is now about 25 percent larger than before. New to the area of coverage are Duisdorf, Medinghoven, Venusberg and parts of Beuel.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, Lime has increased all hygiene measures to protect both users and employees. The e-scooters are thoroughly disinfected before they are placed out on the roads, as well as every time they are loaded or receive maintenance. The employees have undergone extensive training and wear face masks and gloves. Those who still feel a little nervous about using the rentals are advised by Lime to wear disposable gloves or to also disinfect the handlebars themselves.

To make the offer more attractive for commuters and tourists, Lime is introducing new daily and monthly packages. For 9.99 euros, a day pass can be purchased, allowing an unlimited number of trips within 24 hours. The 20 cent per minute price for normal use remains the same.

(Orig. text: Jonathan Kemper;Translation: ck)