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Coronavirus case in Tannenbusch: All students of the Paulus School in are quarantine

Coronavirus case in Tannenbusch : All students of the Paulus School in are quarantine

All students of the Paulus School in Bonn-Tannenbusch have been sent into quarantine. The city cannot be blamed for the strict regulations in view of the increasing number of coronavirus cases in schools, says the chairman of the Bonn city school board.

The Paulus School in Tannenbusch had to send all students to quarantine on Friday. The primary school has about 200 boys and girls. "As far as I know, this information is correct," Vice-City Spokesman Marc Hoffmann told the General-Anzeiger on Friday afternoon.

One person at the primary school tested positive for the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. Hoffmann could not say whether and how many teachers were also sent into quarantine. According to a recommendation of the Robert Koch Institute, the municipal health department now orders a 14-day quarantine in such cases; therefore, the Paulus School is not likely to have any more classes until the autumn half-term holiday, which begins on 12 October. According to the homepage of the Paulus School, eleven primary school teachers, three special education teachers, two social education specialists and one school social worker are working there, as well as the team of the all-day school for afternoon care. The Paulus School shares the school grounds with the Protestant Elsa-Brändström-School.

As reported, the entire municipal daycare centre at Rheindorfer Burg in the Auerberg district had to be closed on Thursday. Two children there had tested positive for coronavirus, and 119 children and 21 teachers must now remain in quarantine until 9 October. The test results were only available on Thursday, Hoffmann told the GA on Friday.

The city cannot not be blamed for the strict quarantine regulations in view of the increasing number of coronavirus cases in schools, said Andreas Beutgen, chairman of the Bonn city school board. The fact that entire classes and daycare groups are now being sent into quarantine, even for 14 days, is due to the recently changed guidelines of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). According to these, all students with "unclear contact situation" are to be quarantined. "And every quarantine is a catastrophe for the parents", says Beutgen. How well the parents can manage this time depends on the age of the children. "I would be urgently in favour that if a child has to go into quarantine, at least one parent has to stay at home and be available for this purpose", Beutgen says. "Then we would have a completely different situation. That is how home schooling would work, if the parents had the time to do it.

At many schools, students and teachers continue to wear a face covering in the classroom, even though the state government no longer requires it. "In some schools, however, massive pressure is exerted on the students," Beutgen warns. He does not think that is acceptable. "That should not happen," Beutgen says. (Original text, Lisa Inhoffen; translation, John Chandler)