Trial in Siegburg Bonn man caught trafficking drugs up in court

Siegburg · Police discovered high amounts of amphetamines and marijuana in the car of a 33-year-old man from Bonn during a routine traffic check in June 2021. Now the man was on trial in Siegburg.

A man from Bonn was brought before the Siegburg District Court for trafficking in drugs, including marijuana.

A man from Bonn was brought before the Siegburg District Court for trafficking in drugs, including marijuana.

Foto: dpa/Oliver Berg

A 33-year-old man from Bonn stood trial on Tuesday at Siegburg District Court for trafficking in drugs and prescription medicines. Judge Ulrich Wilbrand sentenced him to a two-year suspended sentence, five years on probation and drug screening every two months. The sentence was below the two years in jail without probation demanded by the public prosecutor. The reason the judge gave was that the man, who had a criminal record, had not been found guilty of any offence in the past 15 months and was now working in a regular job.

The offence was undisputed. In June last year, high doses of amphetamines and marijuana were found in the car of the man, who does not have a driving licence, during a roadside check in Troisdorf. Before being stopped, he handed over the narcotics he had just acquired to his friend in the passenger seat, who put them in her handbag. The 31-year-old office clerk was therefore also charged. However, as she was able to credibly show that she was not dealing drugs herself, she was only sentenced to an income-based fine of 1200 euros for carrying narcotics.

Marijuana and cocaine use since the age of 15

The police found other drugs and medication in a search of his flat. He had been consuming marijuana and cocaine since he was 15 years old. The man wanted to make a living selling drugs since a two-year period of being unemployed. The particular gravity of the offence was based on the testimony of a police expert who confirmed that the tablets were in such high doses that even one could have a toxic effect. During the traffic control, the accused had consumed marijuana himself, but he said he was not using amphetamines.

Original text: Inga Sprünken

Translation: Jean Lennox

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