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More vaccinations per day: Bonn vaccination centre increases capacity to 1,800 appointments

More vaccinations per day : Bonn vaccination centre increases capacity to 1,800 appointments

The Bonn Vaccination Centre has opened two new vaccination lines. Every day now, 1,800 people are immunised. Queues are caused by registration, which is complicated by different vaccination groups.

The Bonn Vaccination Centre in the WCCB is running at full speed: The short-term expansion of the vaccination programme with Astrazeneca resulted in the expected rush over the Easter weekend in the federal city as well. The vaccinations with Astrazeneca for over 60-year-olds started on Easter Sunday, and the approximately 7000 available vaccination pairs are almost fully booked. Every day, 720 Astrazeneca vaccinations take place at the WCCB.

The fire brigade opened two more vaccination lines in addition to the existing eight, so that 1800 appointments per day could be processed. While many Bonn residents had problems making appointments via the overloaded booking portal of the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV), there was a registration bottleneck at the vaccination centre. Due to ever new vaccination groups, which are divided according to age, occupation or even previous illness and are prescribed by the state and the KV, the paperwork drags on. So much so that there were queues in front of the building. The fire brigade reacted pragmatically as usual: tents were set up so that no one was standing in the sleet. According to fire chief Jochen Stein, however, they are confident that these waiting times will "even out" again soon. "Then, when the vaccination campaign with Astrazeneca for people over 60 is completed and the vaccinations can start in the doctors' offices."

Many different vaccination groups create paperwork

There are now many different vaccination groups, which vary from region to region. In Bonn, about 15.800 vaccinations have been carried out so far in the 34 different professional groups. The remaining 1000 or so appointments are largely booked up. The municipal vaccination offer for people with pre-existing conditions has been running for a week, first for people aged 70 and over, then since the middle of last week for people aged 50 and over. Currently, about 1800 vaccinations have been carried out, almost all of the remaining 1200 appointments have been booked. This special promotion, which consists of leftover contingents of the Ü-80 group, ends on 7 April. After that, these people can get vaccinated at the doctors' offices.

Bedridden people in care groups 4 and 5 with a maximum of two relatives are currently being vaccinated at home by mobile teams. They will also be cared for by GPs from 7 April. Vaccinations of those over 80 years old will run until the beginning of May.

Appointments for 79-year-olds possible from Tuesday

Appointments for people who are 79 years old will start nationwide from Tuesday via the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (www.116117.de and 0800/116 117 01). Vaccinations will start from Thursday. Booking of life partners should be possible. The city says it has written to those affected. If you have not received a letter, you can still book appointments.

As of Sunday evening, 4 April, a total of 56,670 first vaccinations have been carried out in Bonn. As of Monday, there are 752 confirmed coronavirus cases in Bonn. In the past seven days, 418 new infections have occurred. The incidence is 126.8, and the infection is still diffuse, with no focal points or outbreaks, according to the city.

From the point of view of the city's public order service, the Easter days were very quiet. Only 19 charges were filed for violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. The people in the city centre of Bonn kept to the obligation to wear masks and to keep their distance. On Thursday and Saturday the pedestrian zone was well frequented, there were queues in front of test centres and shops.

(Original text: Nicolas Ottersbach / Translation: Mareike Graepel)