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The ultimate party „schedule“: Carnival in Bonn’s pubs and bars

The ultimate party „schedule“ : Carnival in Bonn’s pubs and bars

The „jecke“ season has already started in November and the carnivalists have warmed up accordingly, but with Weiberfastnacht the mad season really kicks off today. We have gathered the best tips for Bonn city where the best carnival parties take place.

Anno Tubac

This year it is time for landlord and owner Hans Schulze-Osterfeld to say goodbye. For the 28th and last time he celebrates carnival in the Anno Tubac, from May he hands the traditional Bonn pub over to new owners. The regular guests are already looking forward to having come real craic from Thursday at 12noon. Special feature of the programme: Admission is free on Friday.

Address: Kölnstraße 47, 53111 Bonn

Programme: Thursday from 12 noon (box office 15 Euro); Friday from 7 pm (free admission); Saturday from 7 pm (AK 15 Euro incl. two drinks); Monday from 12 noon (AK 15 Euro incl. two drinks).

Further information: www.anno-tubac.de

Bierhaus Machold

Bierhaus Machold presents a tightly timed party schedule for a diverse audience. An appropriate end of this year's session can be celebrated by party-goers on Ash Wednesday at the "Big Fish Eat", early reservations are requested.

Address: Heerstraße 52, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 9.30 am; Friday and Saturday from 6.30pm; Monday from 2pm to 1am; Wednesday "Big Fish Dinner" from 5.30pm.

Further information: see events on Facebook


The Bahnhöfchen in Beuel has for years been one of the most popular addresses when it comes to big parties on women's carnival. On 800 square meters, two dance floors with current dance and carnival charts invite you to sway and party.

Address: Rheinaustraße 116, 53225 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 12 noon (advance booking (VVK) 26 Euro incl. one drink).

Further information: www.bahnhoefchen.de

Harmony Bonn

This legendary music tavern promises a harmonious time between Cologne hits and the biggest street hits since the seventies. Particularly invited also are party goers who don't necessarily want to dress up.

Address: Frongasse 28-30, 53121 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 5 pm (VVK 11.50 Euro), Friday from 8 pm (VVK 11.50 Euro), Rose Monday from 11 am.

Further information: www.harmonie-bonn.de


If you really want to spend the complete carnival days in another dimension, the best place to do so is in the Bönnsch. The Brauhaus is already asking for the "rocket launch" on Wednesday to kick off the celebration week. Among others, the Prinz and Bonna as well as the band "Schlappkappen" will be honoured. The „rocket launch“ is organized by the association "Bönnsch em Hätze", but the door is open to all guests.

Address: Stargate Bridge 4, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 11.11; Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 18.11; Monday from 12.11.

Further information: www.boennsch.de

Gasthaus im Stiefel

From Weiberfastnacht on, the "boot festival" starts in the restaurant of the same name in the city centre. While on Thursday and Monday the entrance fee is ten Euro, on Friday and Saturday it’s free admission for all. Hit fans should mark Saturday as the Best Of Karneval date in the calendar.

Address: Bonngasse 30, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 11 am (AK 10 Euro); Friday from 6 pm (free admission); Saturday from 6 pm (free admission); Monday from 11 am (AK 10 Euro).

Further information: www.gasthausimstiefel.de

The Nyx

Nyx interrupts its usual pop and party program for a few days of „party emergency“. From Thursday, 12 noon, not only will Kölsch be served, but DJane Lotta Leben will also play „Leben“ on the turntables. On Friday the "worst of the 90s" meets the most popular songs of the carnival season at the "Trash Rekorder“.

Address: Vorgebirgsstraße 19, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 12 noon; Friday from 9pm (box office 5 Euro); Saturday from 7pm; Monday from 13 o'clock.

Further information: see events on Facebook


Carnival in a different way? That's what you experience in the Bla. The self-baptized "Right Place for Jeck People" has put together a colourful programme of DJ dancefloor, karaoke, Bundesliga and concerts with the Hamburg punkers "Oidorno" and the guys from „Aschkotze".

Address: Bornheimer Str. 20-22, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 12 noon; Friday from 5pm; Saturday from 3pm; Sunday from 1.30 pm; Monday from 3pm; Tuesday from 5pm.

Further information: see event on Facebook

Die Wache

As the last party address in a long evening, "Die Wache" has long earned its reputation. From Thursday until Monday you dance around the clock. Besides a colourful mix of "Gute-Laune-Wache-Hits" on Weiberfastnacht and Rosenmontag the carnival classics will be played.

Address: Heerstraße 145, 53111 Bonn, Germany

Program: Thursday from 2pm.

Further information: see event on Facebook

Zwitscherstube/Hotel Rheinland

In Bad Godesberg there are also possibilities to party with other carnivalists, for example in the "Zwiwi". On Sunday, the Hotel Rheinland next door "vor dem Zoch" offers a breakfast with scrambled eggs, sausages and everything that goes with it (reservations until 1 March). On Wednesday the session ends with a fish meal, for which tickets can still be bought in the Zwiwiwi or in the hotel until Rosenmontag.

Address: Rheinallee 17, 53173 Bonn, Germany

Programme: Thursday from 5 pm, Friday/Saturday from 5.30 pm, Sunday from 3 pm, Monday/Tuesday from 5.30 pm. Wednesday fish meal from 7pm.

Further information: www.zwiwi-godesberg.de

Wirtshaus Rheinbücke

The Wirtshaus Rheinbrücke in Beuel has a long tradition. In addition to classic Rhine dishes, guests can also enjoy a young and modern cuisine.

Address: Konrad-Adenauer-Platz 2, 53225 Bonn, Germany

Program: Thursday from 11.11 am (Wieverfastelovend), Saturday from 20 pm (Alaaf the 90s Party)

Further information: To the website

This is a list of parties which does not claim to be complete or which would not have followed objective criteria. It is not a ranking either. The order is arbitrary. Are you missing a party from the list? Please send us an e-mail to online@ga.de.

Original text: GA Bonn

Translation: Mareike Graepel